Free Robux – Is it Scam or Not? (2024)

Are you looking free Robux that will grant amazing rewards? You can check our review of whether it will provide those rewards free of cost. But before, you dive into this post, we would suggest you get proper information.

Here, you will obtain free online generator info that generally provides free Robux.

But speaking of the Robuxgen, it’s a pretty new United state-based site that doesn’t have a proper interface. Although, the site claims to provide free Robux, promo codes, and other exclusive in-game Roblox items. However, we would like you to take those claims as a pinch of salt in the first place.

Here’s our experience with this website and review whether you should use it or not!


The Robuxgen is a relatively new online Robux generator website that claims to render free rewards for Roblox players. Usually, those rewards are in the form of Robux coins, which can be utilized for a wide range of things.

The players can customize their playable character by adding premium skins, clothes, hats, glasses, etc, and enjoy playing your favorite game without any hassle. However, those third-party generators generally fall in the scams category, so let’s check out further details in the following section.

Does really work?

Like many online free robux generator websites, you will be diverted to another page. In our case, we reached the site known as, which doesn’t have a proper security rating on the scam-advisers test.

Moreover, we don’t obtain any Robux from this website. Thus, we won’t recommend using a third-party generator and wasting your time on a meaningless thing. On top of that, we suggest purchasing Robux from only official sources.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q- How to find out whether the Robux site is legit?

If you are using the online free generator, you won’t receive genuine Robux. But at the same time, Roblox has some affiliate sites from where you can get free rewards. Yet, the scammer uses the same domain name, and many people lose their money. Thus, we won’t recommend using any Robux generator websites.

Q- Is it possible to trade Robux coins with other people using

No, it’s not possible to transfer Robux to other users using this website, instead of that, we would suggest you use the official platform to trade those game coins from one place to another.

Q- How to receive Robux in a Legit way?

If you are playing Roblox, the most legit way to earn those Robux coins would be using real money. Besides this, the players can utilize the monthly premium subscription or pass to get additional rewards at a discounted deal.

Final Thoughts:

I hope that you have got information regarding From the above test, we proved that you will get scammed using those third-party Robux generators. If you are using those unverified Robux, your Roblox account will be terminated.

Therefore, always use the official developer instructions and purchase Robux from legit sources only. With them, you can effortlessly customize your game characters.

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