About Us

Gaming Dost is developed in 2022 as a passionate blogger who likes to write the best gaming guide that grants correct knowledge without wasting the reader’s time. It also started with a small mission to bring together the most useful resources using our dedicated guides and free codes.

The launch story of GamingDost

Our journey begins with one thoughtful day when I was stuck leveling up the Genshin Impact game. It’s common since I don’t want to spend money on the in-game item. So, I start searching for coupon codes and don’t achieve any results.

At that time, My friends give me the idea to check the forums to fetch working codes. Then, the idea to create a legit game-codes website comes to my mind, so that many people don’t have to waste their time. That’s how Gaming Dost started.

Our goal is to provide Value

We started a small team of game-lovers, which is united by a passion to give helpful information so that gamers can stay away from scams, acquire valid codes, and gain the appropriate techniques to level up faster by using our step-by-step tutorials.

Now, we are creating value for the readers by providing info on a wide spectrum of Roblox game coupon and sharing details of robux generator scams. Aside from this, we spread our wings with general gaming guides, tricks, tips, and codes.

The readers can acquire various techniques, faster leveling, and free in-game items using our daily posts. You don’t have to go anywhere else since we will obtain lots of working promo codes that will our readers to conveniently enjoy free resources.

Our Team Members

Avantika Aditi ~ Founder

Gamingdost is my brainchild that has my decade’s worth of games knowledge and covers different fun elements of gaming. I’m behind all of the business operations so that our readers can earn a better experience.

Email: [email protected]

Kunal Mandal ~ Manager

Kunal is a full-time blogger with 5+ years of experience and manages this blog with great precision. He is responsible for editing gaming codes, while at the same time, granting his exceptional skills to provide high-quality posts.

Email: [email protected]

Aman Rathore ~ Writer

Aman started writing at an earlier age and worked in different niches with a special love for online games. He has more than a half-decade worth of experience and most of the gaming articles are written by him.

Email: [email protected]