Civ 6 Tier List 2023

On this page, we’ve chosen to compile the most comprehensive Civilization 6 tier list. We will be rating everything from leaders and civilizations to pantheons to marvels and natural wonders for the whole game, including the game’s leaders and civilizations (vanilla plus Rise and Fall, Gathering Storm, and New Frontier).

With a slight modification, this page was last updated in February 2022. The update will provide comprehensive answers to all of the most frequently asked questions regarding the game. A substantial upgrade to the tier list occurred in May 2021, and it mirrored the large April balancing and update patch that had been applied.

Because of the several expansions that have been released, Civilization 6 gamers now have a large number of civilizations and leaders to choose from before beginning the game. 

When all of the expansions are taken into consideration, there are 58 leaders / CIVs in the game as of Gathering Storm (including New Frontier Pass). Different leaders clearly have different strengths and weaknesses, and when you combine this with other aspects of the gameplay (such as which victory condition you are pursuing or which pantheon you should choose), this game becomes even more complex, which is what prompted us to create this Civ 6 Tier List

The good news is that Civilization is famously addicting and one of the most replayable games we’ve ever played, thanks in large part to the game’s layers of complexity and flexibility to play in your own manner. Add in a little bit of chance with each new map you go on, and you’ve got yourself a riveting experience every time you press the “Start Game” button.

Here is the ultimate Civ 6 Tier List, where we have rated 58 leaders and CIVs to determine who is the greatest and worst of the best and worst of the worst. Continue reading to view a breakdown of the victories by category.

In S Tier

Civilization Leader Leader Bonus Unique Ability Unique Unit Unique Structure
Japan Hojo Tokimune Divine Wind Meiji Restoration Samurai Electronics Factory
Macedonia Alexander the Great To the World’s End Hellenistic Fusion Hypaspist Basilikoi Paides
Russia Peter I The Grand Embassy Mother Russia Cossack Lavra
Germany Frederick Barbarossa Holy Roman Emperor Free Imperial Cities U-Boat Hansa
Gran Colombia Simon Bolivar Campaña Admirable Ejercito Patriota Llanero Hacienda

In A Tier

Civilization Leader Leader Bonus Unique Ability Unique Unit Unique Structure
Rome Trajan Trajan’s Column All Roads Lead to Rome Legion Bath
Greece Pericles Surrounded by Glory Plato’s Republic Hoplite Acropolis
Greece Gorgo Thermopylae Plato’s Republic Hoplite Acropolis
Maya Lady Six Sky Ix Mutal Ajaw Mayab Hul’che Observatory
Dutch/Netherlands Wilhelmina Radio Oranje Grote Rivieren De Zeven Provincien Polder
Korea Seondeok Hwarang Three Kingdoms Hwacha Seowon
Brazil Pedro II Magnanimous Amazon Minas Geraes Street Carnival, Copacabana
Sumeria Gilgamesh Adventures of Enkidu Epic Quest War-Cart Ziggurat
Canada Wilfrid Laurier The Last Best West Four Faces of Peace Mountie Ice Hockey Rink
Maori Kupe Kupe’s Voyage Mana Toa Marae
Aztec Montezuma Gifts for the Tlatoani Legend of the Five Suns Eagle Warrior Tlachtli
Ottoman Suleiman Grand Vizier Great Turkish Bombard Barbary Corsair Grand Bazaar
Nubia Amanitore Kandake of Meroe Ta-Seti Pitati Archer Nubian Pyramid
Arabia Saladin Righteousness of the Faith The Last Prophet Mamluk Madrasa
Mongolia Genghis Khan Mongol Horde Ortoo Keshig Ordu
Hungary Matthias Corvinus Raven King Pearl of the Danube Huszar Thermal Bath

In B Tier

Civilization Leader Leader Bonus Unique Ability Unique Unit Unique Structure
Egypt Cleopatra Mediterranean’s Bride Iteru Maryannu Chariot Archer Sphinx
Phoenicia Dido Founder of Carthage Mediterranean Colonies Bireme Cothon
Zulu Shaka Amabutho Isibongo Impi Ikanda
America Teddy Roosevelt Roosevelt Corollary Founding Fathers P-51 Mustang Film Studio
Australia John Curtin Citadel of Civilization Land Down Under Digger Outback Station
Persia Cyrus Fall of Babylon Satrapies Immortal Pairidaeza
France Catherine de Midici Catherine’s Flying Squadron Grand Tour Garde Imperiale Chateau
France Eleanor of Aquitane Court of Love Grand Tour Garde Imperiale Chateau

In C Tier

Civilization Leader Leader Bonus Unique Ability Unique Unit Unique Structure
Mali Mansa Munsa Sahel Merchants Songs of the Jeli Mandekalu Cavalry Suguba
Sweden Kristina Minerva of the North Nobel Prize Carolean Open-Air Museum
England Victoria Pax Britannica British Museum / Workshop of the World Sea Dog Royal Navy Dockyard
Indonesia Gitarja Exalted Goddess of the Three Worlds Great Nusantara Jong Kampung
Poland Jadwiga Lithuanian Union Golden Liberty Winged Hussar Sukiennice
Inca Pachacuti Qhapaq Nan Mit’a Warak’aq Terrace Farm
China Qin Shi Huang The First Emperor Dynastic Cycle Crouching Tiger Great Wall
India Chandragupta Arthashastra Dharma Varu Stepwell
India Gandhi Satyagraha Dharma Varu Stepwell
Khmer Jayavarman VII Monasteries of the King Grand Barays Domrey Prasat

In D Tier

Civilization Leader Leader Bonus Unique Ability Unique Unit Unique Structure
Scotland Robert the Bruce Bannockburn Scottish Enlightenment Highlander Golf Course
Kongo Mvemba a Nzinga Religious Convert Nkisi Ngao Mbeba Mbanza
Scythia Tomyris Killer of Cyrus People of the Steppe Saka Horse Archer Kurgan
Spain Philip II El Escorial Treasure Fleet Conquistador Mission
Mapuche Lautaro Swift Hawk Toqui Malon Raider Chemamull

In F Tier

Civilization Leader Leader Bonus Unique Ability Unique Unit Unique Structure
Georgia Tamar Glory of the World, Kingdom of Faith Strength in Unity Khevsur Tsikhe
Norway Harald Hardrada Thunderbolt of the North Knarr Berserker Stave Church
Cree Poundmaker Favorable Terms Nihithaw Okihtcitaw Mekewap

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