KOF AllStar Coupon Codes (July 2024)

Are you searching for KOF AllStar Coupon Codes that really work? In this post, you will find the latest King of Fighters All-Stars freebies. I have covered all of the active promo codes available in the game.

I have pretty nostalgic feelings about the KOF games since 99’s, and I still remember spending days learning the combo attacks of Kyo Kusanagi, Benimaru Nikaido, Goro Daimon, and other playable characters.

But, the King of Fighter AllStar brought back those legendary players in the series, and I totally love it. Now, all you need to do is survive in the fighting tournament with your favorite fighter. However, you will need additional resources for smooth progress.

In that case, the King of Fighter Allstar codes will help attain rewards like Rubies, and more. The devs often drop new coupons, so let’s see what they got.

Working KOF AllStar Coupon Codes

There are currently a limited amount of valid codes that you can use inside the KOF Allstar. Here’s a list of the active gift coupons that can utilized without any delay.

  • MUKAICOMEBACK: Coupon Code Reward > Awakened Tier 5 UE Mukai Fighter (New)
  • sc6ruby2000: Coupon Code Reward > SOULCALIBUR Celebration Coupon Box
  • SFVCOLLABO: Coupon Code Reward > 500 Rubies (iOS: Street Fighter V Collab Eve Coupon)
  • KOFBCST: Coupon Code Reward > Battle Card Summon x10 and Token x10
  • KOFFST: Coupon Code Reward > Fighter Summon x10 and Token x1

On the other hand, if you are looking for more action-packed game codes, then get the Little Hero Codes and Streetball Allstar Codes. Both of them will provide an interesting gameplay experience, so feel free to try them in your free time.

Expired KOF AllStar Coupon Codes

Surely, game developers offer coupon codes for special events & other achievements. But, you must understand that those redeemable codes will expire in a couple of days. In the following section, you will find the list of deactivated codes.

  • thankyoukriz
  • EVO2022KNEE
  • Giftfromtavern
  • Rubydemonblood
  • Winterjackpot

Note: Don’t use the codes from the above list since they won’t present any additional rewards. Instead, follow the subsequent part to redeem working codes.

How to Redeem KOF AllStar Coupon Codes?

Now that you have grasped the information about the active & inactive coupons, you can follow the upcoming instructions to easily redeem the KOF AllStar freebies. That said, let’s dive into the following instructions:

  • First of all, launch the KOF AllStar game on your device.
  • Then, press on the Phone icon located on the left side.
KOF AllStar Coupon Codes
  • In the new window, press the “Enter Coupon” button.
KOF AllStar Coupon Codes
  • Enter the valid code in the “Please enter coupon number” section.
KOF AllStar Coupon Codes
  • Finally, press the “Use” button to unlock various rewards.

For iOS and PC

  • Start by visiting the Netmarble coupon registration page.
  • Enter your PID in the “Enter Member Code” text box.
  • Then, enter the working code in the “Enter Coupon Code” section.
  • Finally, press the Confirm button to claim the rewards.

What are other methods to earn rewards?

The most common and effective way to earn in-game rewards inside the KOF Allstar would be by clearing the event mission that takes place between the Chapter of Fight events. Following this, the Pass experience will increase through the daily missions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q- What does the KOF ALLSTAR coupon offer?

Ans. Yes, the King of Fighter AllStar codes present exclusive rewards such as special rubies, battle card summons, tokens, and other in-game items.

Q- How do I find more KOF ALLSTAR codes?

Ans. The devs bring new coupon codes during special events, celebrating milestones, and for other reasons. If you want to find out the latest codes, consider following the King of Fighter AllStar social link.

The ideal decision would be to follow the Facebook page and Reddit community, Both of them will provide accurate updates and details. Aside from this, you can also visit the Netmarble forum to learn more about codes.

Q- Why aren’t my KOF ALLSTAR codes working?

Ans. Typos errors and invalid coupons are responsible for why the KOF Allstar codes aren’t working. Thus, avoid typing mistakes at all costs and always use the active gift codes to save your precious time.

Final Thoughts:

This action RPG game will provide fast-paced fighting where you can build a strong team to win the tournament. There are multiple arena modes & league matches are available too. So, dive into the world of fighters and reach the top ranking.

At the same time, don’t forget to use the active codes for claiming extra resources. It would be brilliant if you also share your thoughts about this article below.

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