How To Turn Off Text Chat In Overwatch 2 [Solution]

Many players of Overwatch 2 enjoy the game’s competitive online play, but don’t always want to deal with the text chat. If you are one of these players, this article will walk you through how to turn off text chat in Overwatch 2.

Turning Off Text Chat on PC/Console

If you’re playing on PC or console, the easiest way to disable text chat is by using your platform’s settings.

  1. On PC, open up your settings menu and find the “Chat Settings” option.
  2. In the “Chat Settings” section, uncheck the box labeled “Allow Voice Chat.” This will disable all voice and text chat for everyone in your group.
  3. On consoles, open up your settings menu and look for a “Communication” option.
  4. From there, you can choose which type of communication you’d like to turn off—voice or text—or both if desired.

Disabling Text In The Game Itself

You can also disable text chat directly from inside Overwatch 2 itself by using the “Options Menu.” Once you have opened up the Options Menu, go to “Social Options” and then select the “Text Chat” tab. From here, choose whether you want to allow all players to send messages or only those on your friends list. You can also opt to completely disable all incoming and outgoing messages if desired.

Finally, if you would like to block specific players from sending messages altogether, simply click on their name in-game and select “Block Player Messages.” This will prevent them from messaging you at all until they are unblocked again by clicking on their name again and selecting “Unblock Player Messages.”


By following these steps, you should now be able to successfully turn off text chat in Overwatch 2 without affecting voice chat or other game functions. Doing so will give you more control over who is allowed access to your game experience while still allowing others who are playing with voice chat enabled a chance to communicate with each other more effectively than they would be able to do without it enabled at all.

With a few easy clicks of a button or two inside either your platform’s settings or directly from within the game itself, disabling text chat in Overwatch 2 is easier than ever! Thank you for reading this article – we hope it was helpful!

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