How to Have Twins in Sims 4 (2023 Updated)

When it comes to The Sims 4, having twins is extremely rare during pregnancy. The chances of having twins in Sims 4 are roughly around 10%. Meanwhile, the chances of having triplets in Sims 4 are around 1%, approximately. 

While players can have an impact on whether or not a kid is born a boy or a girl, they can also have control over the likelihood of multiple births. It is possible to use a variety of techniques to enhance the number of kids during pregnancy, thus ultimately producing twins. 

Fertile Rewards:

Players can get the Fertile rewards from the Rewards Store by purchasing them. This task can be accomplished by using a total of 3000 points. 

Moreover, a Fertility Massage can also be obtained from a Spa by purchasing the Spa Day Game Pack.

Wellness Skill of a Sim:

You can increase a Sim’s Wellness Skill until they become able to give Massages in a Spa Day Game Pack. After raising the wellness skill, you can have them do a Fertility Massage of a Sim who is hoping to become a mother of twins. As a result of the efforts, you will be able to achieve this goal easily without any issues.

However, this option is only available if the player has access to a massage table. But a massage table isn’t something that everyone has at their disposal.

On the Ley Line:

A new lot trait called On The Ley Line is included in the City Living Expansion Pack, which boosts the reproductive potential of Sims who dwell on the plot of land in question. 

In the Vampire Sims, an equivalent feature can be observed in the same way. This pack also includes a wishing well, which can aid in a Sim’s fertility by granting wishes to the Sims who use it.

Elixir of Fertility:

The Elixir of Fertility, which can be obtained using the Herbalism talent in Outdoor Retreat, is a potent concoction that significantly increases the odds of producing twins or triplets. 

This dish may only be prepared by a Sim who has reached the level of 10 in Herbalism and who possesses three Morel Mushrooms, two False Morels, one Dust Spirit, and a blackberry.

It appears that if the game’s makers decide to authorize cheating, these are the only actions players may do to increase their odds of producing Sim twins or triplets.

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