How to Get Mega Energy in Pokemon GO

In August 2020, Mega Evolutions were introduced to Pokemon Go. The functionality has been there in the game for quite some time. However, many players are still confused about the game’s regulations. 

If you’re having trouble collecting Mega Energy while others are slaughtering you in bouts with their Mega Pokemon, we’re here to help.

We’ll go through how to get various sorts of Mega Energy in this article. We’ll also address some of the most often-asked issues about Mega evolution in the game, such as which characters can evolve, how long it lasts, and why you should do it. 

Continue reading to learn how to make your Pokemon more powerful than ever.

How can I get Mega Energy in Pokemon GO?

Mega Energy must be collected to mega-evolve a Pokemon. Because each Pokemon species has its Mega Energy, it’s advantageous to have a plan for gathering a certain sort of Mega Energy. 

Here are all the many methods to get Mega Energy:

  • Defeating other mega-evolved Pokemon in Raid Battles;
  • Completing research assignments that vary by Pokemon species;
  • Going on a stroll with your Pokemon pal.

If you have any previously mega-evolved Pokemon in your Pokedex from your buddy’s evolutionary line, you may receive Mega Candy. If you have a mega-evolved Blastoise, for example, you can get Mega Candy by strolling with Squirtle but not with Venusaur.

How to Get Mega Energy in Pokemon Go Without Raids?

Defeating mega-evolved Pokemon in Raid Battles is the most effective method to get Mega Energy. It is, of course, the most difficult way. The combat is imbalanced since you can’t utilize a mega-evolved Pokemon in Raid Battles. Thankfully, there are alternative ways to get Mega Energy that do not need combat.

One of them is out for a stroll with your Pokemon pal. However, you can only use this approach if you’ve already mega-evolved the same Pokemon species. So, if you want to collect Mega Candy by strolling with Bulbasaur, you must already have a Venusaur in your Pokedex.

You might conduct research jobs if you haven’t yet mega-evolved any Pokemon or if you want to accumulate Mega Energy for a different Pokemon species.

The jobs vary on a regular basis as new events occur, and not all of them provide you with Mega Energy. The majority of them will merely provide you with Stardust, Poke Balls, Razz Berries, or other basic stuff. 

The following research assignments are active and will yield you Mega Energy at the time of writing this article:

  • Obtaining 10 Charizard Mega Energy by catching 10 Fire Pokemon.
  • Grass Pokemon will offer you 10 Venusaur Mega Energy if you catch ten of them.
  • Obtaining 10 Blastoise Mega Energy by catching 10 Water Pokemon.
  • Obtaining 10 Pidgeot Mega Energy by catching 10 Normal Pokemon.
  • In Gym, Raid, or Trainer Battles, using ten super-effective Charged Attacks will provide you 20 Gengar Mega Energy.
  • You may get 10 Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise, Beedrill, or Pidgeot Mega Energy by powering up a single Pokemon five times. The kind of Mega Energy is determined by the evolved Pokemon’s type.

How can you get Venusaur Mega Energy in Pokemon Go?

Each Pokemon species has its own form of Mega Energy, therefore you’ll need to acquire Venusaur Mega Energy to evolve a Venusaur. Keep in mind that the initial mega-evolution of Venusaur takes 200 Mega Energy, but only 40 for subsequent mega-evolutions. Here’s how to get your hands on some Venusaur Mega Energy:

  • Make a Bulbasaur your companion if you’ve already evolved a Venusaur. Per kilometer (.62 mile) walked, you’ll get 5 Venusaur Mega Candy.
  • To gain 35-90 Venusaur Mega Energy, defeat Venusaur in Mega Raid Battles. However, there’s no way to know the mega-evolved Pokemon you’ll face before the battle begins.
  • Get 10 Venusaur Mega Energy by catching 10 Grass Pokemon. Because this task was active at the time of authoring the article, double-check the current research tasks.
  • You can get 10 Venusaur Energy by powering up a Grass Pokemon five times. At the time of authoring this essay, this work was in progress.

How to get Slowbro Mega Energy in Pokemon GO?

Slowbro evolves into Mega Slowbro for the first time with 200 Slowbro Mega Energy, and 40 Slowbo Mega Energy for future evolutions. Here’s how to get this particular form of Mega Energy:

  • Make a Slowpoke your friend if you already have a Mega Slowbro in your Pokedex. For each kilometer (.62 mile) walked you will get 5 Slowbro Mega Energy.
  • In Raid Battles, defeat Mega Slowbro. For each fight, you may earn 35-90 Slowbro Mega Energy, but you can’t pick your Pokemon opponent.
  • Keep an eye out for research projects at Events. At the time of writing, none of the research activities will reward you with Slowbro Mega Energy, but that may change if a new Event is released.

What is the best way to get Lopunny Mega Energy In Pokemon Go?

For the first time, you’ll require 200 Lopunny Mega Energy to mega-evolve a Lopunny into a Mega Lopunny. That’s a lot of energy, but future evolutions only need 40 Lopunny Mega Energy. Here’s how you can get some more:

  • Make a Lopunny your friend if you already have a Mega Lopunny in your Pokedex to get 5 Lopunny Mega Energy for each kilometer (.62 mile) traveled together.
  • In a Raid Battle, defeat a Mega Lopunny to receive 35-90 Lopunny Mega Energy. Because you can’t choose the Pokemon you fight, you can end up with a different Mega Energy kind.
  • Review new research projects on a regular basis. They are updated whenever a new event occurs. At the time of writing, no jobs were awarded to Lopunny Mega Energy, although this may change in the future.

How can you get Abomasnow Mega Energy In Pokemon Go?

Mega Abomasnow is a mega-evolved form of Abomasnow, a Generation IV dual-type Grass/Ice Pokemon. You’ll need to acquire 200 Abomasnow Mega Energy to add it to your Pokedex. Mega-evolutions after that need 40 Abomasnow Mega Energy. How to gain Abomasnow Mega Energy is as follows:

If you already have a Mega Abomasnow in your Pokedex, this approach will work. Make Abomasnow your companion, and for every kilometer (.62 mile) you walk together, you’ll gain 5 Abomasnow Mega energy.

  • Participate in Raid Battles against Mega Abomasnow. You can obtain 35-90 Abomasnow Mega Candy if you win. Keep in mind that you have no idea which huge Pokemon you’ll face ahead of time.
  • Keep an eye out for new research assignments. They vary every time a new Event is launched, which is around once a month. At the time of writing, none of the research activities could give you Abomasnow Mega Candy, but that might change with the next release.

How can you get Altaria Mega Energy In Pokemon Go?

Swablu, a dual-type Dragon/Flying Pokemon, has developed into Mega Altaria. You’ll need 200 Altaria Mega Energy to add to your collection. Following mega-evolutions are less expensive, requiring just 40 Altaria Mega Energy. Altaria Mega Energy may be collected in three ways:

  • In a Raid Battle, defeat Mega Altaria. You can’t predict which big Pokemon you’ll face, but if you’re fortunate, you can receive 35-90 Altaria Mega Candy.
  • Make Swablu your friend if you’ve already mega-evolved Altaria. For every kilometer walked, you will gain 5 Altaria Mega Energy.
  • Keep an eye out for fresh research projects whenever Niantic announces a new event. As of this writing, none of the missions may give you Altaria Mega Energy, but that may change in the upcoming Event.

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