Paladins Tier List – Best Characters 2023

In this post, we will provide you with the most comprehensive Paladins tier list available.

Almost from the moment it was released, Paladins has served as an example of how free-to-play games may be made available to everyone while still providing high-quality gameplay. 

If you are searching for a game that will get your blood pumping, then Paladins is the game you should look into playing.

The issue that the majority of people are dealing with is straightforward. Which of the 41 options should I choose? 

As a starting point, we’d like to point you that every player has a unique playstyle, so choose the options that best suit your preferences. Did you grasp what I was saying? 

Okay, now put it aside. If you wish to devote your time and effort to this game, some characters will provide you with a big edge over your adversary. These are the games that you should devote your time to.

Paladins, a team-based shooter, has maintained its position as one of the greatest free-to-play games in its category for the time being. Paladins have gained a devoted following since its introduction in 2018, thanks to a diverse cast of 45 playable characters and a variety of gaming features.

It is intended to offer a brief summary of the current metagame by ranking the characters in the game (which are referred to as Champions).

Players that are new or returning to the game will find this information to be quite useful. It will assist you in determining which Champions to train with and which best team configurations are achievable.

According to the criteria listed below, we sorted our tier list into five groups. A character’s ability to attack, provide overall support, and defend themselves in Paladins is determined by how excellent their attack power, overall support, and defensive traits are. Consequently, let us go to the tier list without further delay.

Paladins Tier List (2023 Updated)

S Tier

Fernando Front Line
Barik Front Line
Vora Flank
Inara Front Line
Vatu Flanker
Atlas Front Line
Khan Front Line
Koga Flank

A Tier

Saati Damage
Tiberius Damage
Imani Damage
Lian Damage
Viktor Damage
Ying Support
Seris Support
Androxus Flank
Mal’Damba Support
Ash Front Line
Io Support
Terminus Front Line
Makoa Front Line
Cassie Damage
Bomb King Damage

B Tier

Strix Damage
Corvus Support
Octavia Damage
Rei Support
Yagorath Front Line
Zhin Flank
Skye Flank
Lex Flank
Grover Support
Torvald Front Line
Drogoz Damage
Kinessa Damage
Sha Lin Damage
Furia Support
Pip Support
Willo Damage
Evie Flank
Raum Front Line
Talus Flank
Jenos Support

C Tier

Dredge Damage
Buck Flank
Ruckus Front Line
Tyra Damage

D Tier

Grohk Support
Vivian Damage

F Tier

Moji Flank
Maeve Flank

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