How to Get a Nether Star in Minecraft 2024

In the final game of Minecraft, there is a lot to accomplish. As you collect some of the greatest armor, tools, and weaponry, all that’s left is to decorate your house to your heart’s content. 

The nether star grants access to the beacon, which serves as a landmark and may provide buffs to anyone who is within range. The beacon may make a house seem more secure and protected. 

This article will show you everything you’ll need to gain the nether star, how to get it, and how to utilize it to make a beacon.

Materials Required:

  1. 3 Wither Skeleton Skulls
  2. 4 Soul Sand

You must vanquish the wither in order to get the nether star. You may spawn the wither as soon as you locate a nether stronghold, collect three skulls, and gather 4 soul sand. 

This combat, however, should be avoided unless you have at least enchanted diamond armor and weapons. The wither is a difficult opponent, and any bit of preparation will aid you in defeating this foe.

How to Get a Nether Star in Minecraft?

Let’s start by gathering the elements needed to spawn the wither. To discover wither skeletons, build a nether portal and search for a nether castle. Keep an eye out for a soul sand biome while you’re out searching. 

Only near a nether stronghold can wither skeletons spawn; they are 3 blocks tall and may inflict the wither debuff, thus keeping beneath a 2-block high ceiling while approaching these monsters.

Skeleton skulls are an uncommon drop, with the greatest chances being 5.5% (Java edition) or 8.5% (All Editions) (Bedrock Edition). They also drop coal, which may easily mislead you into thinking a skeleton skull has fallen. Continue to prowl your subterranean castle and collect three wither skeleton skulls.

If you kill the wither skeleton with a supercharged creeper blast, the wither skeleton skull will drop, but attaining this setup seems to be far more difficult than aiming for the 1 in 20 or 1 in 12 drop rate with looting III.

Whatever technique you use, be sure to collect some soul sand or soul soil before leaving. To properly spawn the wither, you’ll need to arrange the soul sand/soil in a configuration; you may use them interchangeably and combine them.

Make sure there are no blocks beneath the arrangement’s two “arms.” By adding and deleting blocks, I was able to get a snapshot of this setup. The wither will spawn after you lay the third wither skull. If you have to remove some blocks to get the wither to spawn, make sure the setup is comparable to the one above and replace the third wither skull.

You could also think about some pre-combat training. Iron golems, strength potions, regeneration, healing, and blast protection enchantments are all essential for rapidly defeating the wither. Iron golems will divert part of the wither’s attention away from you, medicines can help you stay alive, and even milk can protect you from succumbing to the wither debuff.

The wither will glow as its health bar fills when it is created. In this stage, it is immune. When its health meter reaches the top, it will release a tremendous explosion that will kill the player and anybody else in the vicinity. Keep your distance and be cautious. The wither will start blasting missiles and assaulting players and other monsters near it after the explosion.

The wither is unaffected by fire, lava, or drowning. In Java, the wither has 300 total health points, whereas, in bedrock, it has 600. This is higher than the Ender Dragon’s total health of 200 points.

When the wither reaches half health, a tremendous explosion occurs, summoning wither skeletons (except on easy).

After losing half its HP in the Java version, the wither becomes resistant to arrows. To fight the wither from this point on, you’ll need to use a sword.

When the wither is beaten, it will float in the air for a few seconds before detonating. Keep a safe distance from this explosion, since it does a lot of damage, even more than a supercharged creeper.

When you vanquish the wither, it drops a nether star. Keep a safe distance from the explosion and wait for it to stop before trying to pick up the nether star.

Because the nether star is impervious to explosions, it will not be damaged by the wither explosion. Although it is not resistant to lava, attempt to keep it out of your arena or make sure the wither is not over it when it is low on health. On Java, the nether star will take 10 minutes to despawn, and on the bedrock edition, it will never despawn. Take your time collecting your prize.


Once your equipment has been improved to a high degree, you may go for the wither boss for a nether star. The nether star is exclusively used to make beacons, which may provide you with a wide variety of buffs. 

The light from the beacon will also reach above the sky layer, identifying your area from afar. It’s not simple to collect the nether star, much alone completely power a beacon, but there’s still a lot to accomplish even once you’ve gotten some of the greatest gear in the game.

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