Mobile Legends Tier List 2023 (January)

Check out the ever-changing Mobile Legends tier chart to see where your favorite and prospective new main character fits in.

What’s the current state of the Mobile Legends tier list? Mobile Legends has accumulated a character roster of over 100 unique brawlers for gamers to pick from over the course of five years. 

Each 12-18 minute battle is unique because of the choices, however, as with any competitive game, a meta evolves over time, laying the stage for the tier list below.

In the proper hands, any hero will do the job, but meta selections and heroes who tier well will have a better average victory rate regardless of who controls them. Although it isn’t set in stone and can move due to balancing patches, understanding approximate positions might help you win battles.

Every Hero in Mobile Legends has been ranked.

Heroes in Mobile Legends for 2023

Despite the fact that Mobile Heroes divides its various characters into separate categories, some are just better all-rounders than others. 

The characters on this tier list are those who are widely featured in the current metagame. In the current season, you may play any hero you like. 

But the ones listed above are more typically seen for one reason or another, implying that with enough practice, they’re more likely to boost your chances of winning the battle.

  • In Tank, Category heroes are Uranus, Barats, Tigreal, Gatotkaca
  • In fighter Category heroes are Bane, Yu Zhong, Chou, Jawhead, Silvanna, Guinevere, Alucard, Zilong, Paquito, Roger, Kaja, Ruby, Phoveus, X.Borg, Sun, Aulus
  • In Marksman Category heroes are Miya, Layla, Hanabi, Wanwan, Granger, Beatrix, Natan
  • In Mage Category heroes are Valentina, Esmerelda, Alice, Kagura, Chang’e, Lunox, Valir, Eudora, Vale, Kadita, Pharsa, Cecilion, Luo Yi, Harley, Yve, Odette
  • In Support category heroes are Angela, Mathilda, Floryn
  • In Assassin category heroes are Hayabusa, Lancelot, Yi Sun-Shin, Selena, Saber, Benedetta, Karina, Aamon

Tank Tier List in Mobile Legends – The Best Tank Heroes

Tanks are massive, sturdy brawlers that, after receiving field training, assume command of the squad, determining whether or not to confront the enemy. 

When a fight breaks out, it’s their mission to take the heat off their more vulnerable teammates by stunning, pushing, and slowing down foes that are attempting to massacre the squad. The following is how each Mobile Legends tank ranks in the tier list:

  • In S Tier Tigreal, Grock
  • In A Tier Akai, Alice, Atlas, Esmeralda, Gatotkaca, Gloo, Johnson, Lolita, Minotaur, Uranus
  • In B Tier Balmond, Baxia, Franco, Hilda, Hylos, Khufra
  • In C Tier Barats, Ruby
  • In D Tier Belerick

Best Side Lane Hero in Mobile Legends: Fighter Tier List

The top Mobile Legends fighters are a diverse group of individuals. They sit in between the assassin and tank roles, building greater threat as the match progresses. They have higher endurance than junglers but significantly lower damage potential.

They have mid-range mobility, damage, and crowd-control skills, making them hybrid brawlers capable of handling most match circumstances by design. Here’s how each Mobile Legends character ranks in the tiers:

  • In S Tier Layla, Khaleed, Roger, Paquito, Yu Zhong,
  • In A Tier Aulus, Hayabusa, Guinevere, Chou, Gatotkaca, Jawhead, Sun, X.Borg, Zilong
  • In B Tier Alpha, Alucard, ArguBadang, Bane,Freya, Hilda, Lapu-Lapu, Martis, Thamuz, Terizla
  • In C Tier Barats, Balmond, Dyrroth, Kaja, Leomord, Minsitthar, Ruby, Silvanna
  • In D Tier Aldous

Assassin Tier List – Best Jungle Hero in Mobile Legends

Assassins (sometimes known as “Junglers”) are heroes in Mobile Legends that avoid the lanes in the early game. Instead, they rely on specialized equipment to clear monsters in the spaces between lanes, allowing them to build up to Gold and EXP without being slowed down by lane opponents.

Here’s how each Assassin in Mobile Legends fits into the tier system:

  • In S Tier Aamon, Wukong, Ling, Saber
  • In A Tier Yi Sun-Shin, Haybusa, Alucard, Benedetta, Hanzo, Fanny, Gusion, Karina, Harley
  • In B Tier Kadita, Natalia, Lancelot
  • In C Tier Selena, Helcurt
  • In D Tier Lesley

Tier List for Mobile Legends Mage – Best Mid Hero

Mages in Mobile Legends usually sit in the mid-lane, casting spells at a single-lane opponent. The outcome of these duels may suddenly swing a game in either team’s favor, creating a high-risk, high-reward dynamic in which only the most precise players will emerge victoriously.

Late in the game, a bursty mage may make all the difference by inflicting high area damage to the whole squad, whittling them down, and freeing up more mobile characters to complete the job. Here’s how the current Mobile Legends mages stack stacks up on the tier list:

  • In S Tier Valentina, Eudora, Harley, Kagura, Lylia, Pharsa
  • In A Tier Vale, Yve, Odette, Lunox, Cecilion, Alice, Chang’e, Cyclops, Esmeralda, Gord
  • In B Tier Aurora, Faramis, Harith, Kadita, Kimmy, Luo Yi, Selena, Valir, Zhask, Mathilda
  • In C Tier Nana, Angela
  • In D Tier Vexana, Diggie, Estes

Marksman Tier List – Best ADC Hero in Mobile Legends

A Marksman in Mobile Legends operates similarly to those in other MOBA games. They’re late-game carriers who sit in a lane and are backed up by a support hero. Because they rely so heavily on hard-hitting basic strikes, they can battle for as long as they have enough HP.

They risk feeding the enemy’s own if they push too hard. Here’s where each Marksman in Mobile Legends ranks on the tier list:

  • In S Tier Granger, Layla, Natan, Roger
  • In A Tier Brody, Bruno, Lesley, Popol & Kupa, Yi Sun-Shin
  • In B Tier Beatrix, Claude, Karrie, Moskov
  • In C Tier Clint, Hanabi, Kimmy, Wanwan
  • In D Tier Irithel, Miya

Support Hero Tier List – Best Support Hero in Mobile Legends

Support characters in Mobile Legends are usually found on the same lane as the marksman. They aren’t all healers, but they do help the carry develop by keeping them battle fit or slowing, stunning, and generally controlling the opponent from distance.

The support assists the carrier in their development by either assisting them in picking off targets or just keeping them out of harm’s path. The existing Mobile Legends Support characters fall into the following tiers:

  • In S Tier Mathilda
  • In A Tier Diggie, Lolita, Minotaur
  • In B Tier Angela, Nana, Carmilla,
  • In C Tier Kaja, Rafaela
  • In D Tier Estes

What Is the Name of the Most Recent Mobile Legends Hero?

On November 25, 2021, Valentina, the newest Mobile Legends hero, appeared.

If you want a speedy win, you should try using the newest Mobile Legends hero. It’s customary in Mobile Legends to expect that the next character introduced will be the most powerful. While this is usually true for the majority, patches, hotfixes, and balance passes are often applied shortly after launch to bring them back down to earth.

So, if you want to skip all the tier list fluff and rush right into battle with a character that can trump them all, Aamon is the character to choose right now. Other players will have to learn how to counter him over time.

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