How to Get Free Skins in Mobile Legends

How to Get Free Skins in Mobile Legends

One of the most commonly requested questions from Mobile Legends gamers is “How to get free skins in Mobile Legends?” 

Mobile Legends gamers are always looking for ways to unlock skins without having to top up or spend money. These skins not only make your heroes look cool, but they also provide them a minor stat increase. 

Thankfully, Moonton features a variety of options for users to obtain free skins in ML. Players can eventually get the skins they want in the game for free if they have a little patience and attention to the game. Here are some ways to get free Mobile Legends skins.

In Mobile Legends, there are 7 different ways to get free skins.

Spin the Wheel

The Lucky Spin is one of the many lucky draws available in the game. Every 48 hours or two days, the lucky spin gives players a free chance to spin. 

A hero is a grand reward in the spin event. You can, however, obtain a fortunate gem fragment, which can be exchanged for Special Tier skins in the Lucky Shop.

Skin Fragments by ML

Special events, fortunate spins, and daily login and missions are different ways to get Skin Fragments. In the Fragments shop, you can swap them for free skins. New skins are added to the shop on a regular basis, so you may save your fragments and wait for your preferred skin to become available.

The Premium and Rare skin fragments are the two sorts of skin pieces. These fragments each have their own shop. The premium skins shop sells skins up to the Elite tier, whereas the Rare skins shop usually sells standard skins and only sells Elite Tiers on rare occasions.

Season-Based Prizes

Climbing the rated ladder is another way to acquire free skins in Mobile Legends. Every season, players who have achieved Master’s or higher rank will receive a ranking season unique skin. 

These skins are permanent and can only be obtained during the rated season in question. If you want to collect skins that are only available for a limited time, this is the way to go.

Daily Login Bonuses

For gamers that are vigilant and play Mobile Legends every day, the daily login provides a plethora of in-game loot. Trial skin cards and skin fragments are available in the daily login, which you can save up to buy skins in the fragment shop.

Events for Mobile Legends

In Mobile Legends, the game organizes a number of events that award free skins. The Nostalgia event, for example, provides participants with a free permanent cosmetic when they complete event chores. 

Mobile Legends offers a never-ending stream of entertaining and interesting activities to partake in. So keep an eye on the events tab on a daily basis.

Live Streaming

Moonton and a number of other Mobile Legends streamers frequently hold live streaming events where viewers can win free ML skins. The Live tab in the main lobby will show you who is currently live streaming. 

Simply keep an eye on their streams via the MLBB software and keep an eye out for their giveaways.

Freebies from the MLB Community

Tournaments and giveaways are held by various Mobile Legends communities. “Mobile Legends – Community Heroes” is an excellent example. This is one of the Moonton communities created to organize small-scale competitions and possibly giveaways for ML players. 

Join and follow this community to stay up to date on their contests and tournaments for free Mobile Legends skins.

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