How to Make Your Own Skin in Minecraft

If you are playing Minecraft in multiplayer mode, then you might have noticed that everyone has a unique skin. Well, if you want to get your own unique skin then this article will be quite helpful for you. 

Here’s how you can do that:

Changing the Skin on a Computer or a Mac:

  1. You can either upload the skin change to your Profile page or else have to change your skin from the profile section.
  1. You can create your own skin by using a skin editor or maker. You can find one on the Internet. However, most Minecraft players prefer using the Skincraft engine. To access it, just search Skincraft on Google.

Using Skincraft

  1. You can change one body part at a time, by using an editor like Skincraft. You can use a variety of tools to modify your existing skin a little or to completely redesign it.
  2. When you have finished changing your skin, save it as a PNG file. In order for the changes to be applied on, you have to submit the file to your profile page on the website.
  3. Consider a skin you like, and search for a downloaded version of it on the internet. Most of the players choose a figure from the video game, such as Santa Claus, or the Monsters as their skin. If you think that your desired skin is already created then you can also get it on Skindex. It is a website consisting of thousands of downloadable skins. From there, you can download skin and then upload it to your profile
  4. You can also create a cape to make it noticeable against your skin. Although, capes can’t be easily manufactured on their own. They need to be built with the help of mods and other tools. If you want one, you can search for cape-enabling modifications on Minecraft forums.
  5. Don’t forget to post your skin to the Minecraft server. Create an account and upload your skin. When you join a server for the first time after uploading your skin, you will have your own skin on display.

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