How to make your Horse Faster in Minecraft

In the last ten years, the popularity of the popular game Minecraft has exploded. This game is extremely popular among children. They enjoy not only playing the game but also watching Minecraft videos and tutorials to improve their skills. According to a poll, youngsters who play Minecraft are more proactive while also being creative.

The need for a speedier horse prompts the question of how to speed up your horse in Minecraft.

It’s well worth your time to have a horse that runs faster and jumps higher.

This article will walk you through the process of breeding the finest horse for you. Let’s get right to work.

What is a Horse in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, horses are among the friendly mobs.

When tamed, they allow us to ride them. They allow us to climb mountains faster, jump over fences, and even assist our expedition when riding. Horses’ strength tempts us to be faster.

These critters are highly useful in Minecraft when it comes to wandering around the planet. Horses serve as a key mode of transportation in default Minecraft because there are few other options. 

Some modes of transportation, including vehicles and motorcycles, are available on other Minecraft SCP servers. In the default version, though, you must stay with your horse.

What Are the Capabilities of Horses?

To begin, you should understand what features to look for when determining whether a horse is excellent or poor. These traits have fully random values that can’t be adjusted later. 

The value of one feature is determined by the value of others, which means that if a horse is healthier, he has a better probability of going slower rather than faster. You’ll need three main characteristics, which are listed below:

  1. The Health of the Horse

The health of a horse is a number between 15 and 30 that is produced at random.

This equates to 7.5 to 15 hearts.

  1. The Horse’s Jumping Ability

The leap strength of a horse ranges from 0.4 to 0.7. This corresponds to a height range of 1.087 to 5.29 blocks. This has a formula that goes like this:

-0.1817584952 * (x^3) + 3.689713992 * (x^2) + 2.128599134 * x – 0.343930367

Where x is the jump strength

  1. Horse’s Quickness

A horse’s moving speed ranges from 4.32 to 14.23 blocks per second.

The underlying formula for movement speed exists as well, although it is not revealed by the developers. A horse’s average speed is determined to be 9 blocks per second. We’ll learn how to construct faster horses in Minecraft in this tutorial.

What Does It Take To Make A Horse Faster?

To get a better horse, we’re going to use the breeding procedure. We’ll need the following items to make this work:

  1. A plethora of golden apples and carrots

The horses can be tamed and bred using Golden Apples/Carrots.

You can make a golden apple by combining eight gold ingots with an apple. Golden Apples may be found in the Dungeon, Bastion Remainder, Desert Temple, Ruined Portal, Underwater Ruins, Woodland Mansion, Stronghold, Igloo, and Mineshaft.

Horses are the most important requirement for breeding.

  • To begin, you’ll need at least two horses. Horses are abundant in grassland biomes. Simply locate two horses and transport them to your stable. 
  • To tame them, feed them Golden Apples, Golden Carrots, or Wheat. Taming them will make it easier for the horse to stick with you.
  • To create a horse that is faster than both of its parents, we’ll employ a breeding procedure.
  • Minecraft breeding is very similar to real-life breeding, which involves genetic mutations.
  • You would imagine that breeding two-parent horses will result in a baby horse with the average ability values of both parents.

However, this is not the case; a third parent’s ability values are inserted at random, and this makes a significant difference.

Assume your parents’ movement speeds are 6 and 7 blocks per second, respectively. However, if the third random parent moves at 13 blocks per second, your young horse will move at 6+7+13/3 = 8.67 blocks per second. 

This is more than both parents together. Of course, this can also function in the opposite direction, resulting in slow movement. However, if we follow the steps carefully, we can use this to our advantage. Let’s get this party started –

  1. Decide what you want to achieve.

First and foremost, figure out what you want from your horse. It’s quite rare to see a horse in perfect condition, with increased speed and jumping ability. I’m working hard to get a quicker horse. In order to attain your goal, you must give up on some elements. Your horse can’t be an expert in every field. It’s possible if you work really hard.

  1. Golden Apple should be fed

Now choose two of your best horses from your stable and feed them a golden apple. This will start the love mode and result in the birth of a foal. If you attack the horse while in love mode, your golden apple will be wasted. The baby foal will have a 44.44 percent probability of inheriting the color of either of his parents and an 11.11 percent chance of inheriting a random color.

  1. Watch For The Foal

Wait for the foal to reach full maturity before riding him. Feed golden apples to the foal if you want them to mature quickly. This will hasten the process of growth.

  1. Put The New Horse To The Test

Now it’s time to put the new horse to the test by mounting it. Congratulations, you’ve made it if your horse is better than your parent horse. It’s time to put your new horse to the test. 

Bad Outcome: New Horse Is Equal to or Less Capable Than Its Parent – If your horse is less capable than its parent, you don’t need to breed it. You have the option of keeping him in your stable or releasing him into the meadows. It’s entirely up to you.

New Horse Is Better Than Its Parent (Favorable Result) – If your horse lives up to your expectations, you can stop right here. If it doesn’t live up to your expectations, you can breed it with one of your parents.

Repeat steps 1-4 until you locate a horse that meets your requirements.

Just keep in mind that if your expectations are too high, breeding will become tough. When your parent horse is too good, breeding becomes exponentially more difficult. Because the third genetic component is generated at random.

If you want a quicker horse in Minecraft, here are the exact procedures to do. Before you start breeding blindly, make sure you grasp the notion of breeding.

Final Thoughts

To recap, breeding is a chance procedure in Minecraft for making your horse faster. Sometimes it takes 4-5 tries to obtain good speed, and other times it takes an eternity. In any case, it’s a tried-and-true method of increasing your horse’s pace.

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