How to Hatch a Dragon Egg in Minecraft

Several dragon eggs must initially be discovered for a dragon egg to hatch in Minecraft. A lot of players have noticed a noticeable rise in the number of animals carrying eggs that are spawning on their backs at levels 14-15.

An egg carrier can be identified by the presence of a darker spot on the mob’s back where the egg is hidden. Red eggs and black eggs are the two types of eggs that are now accessible. The black eggs are designated for mobs that fly, such as the bat or the creeper, and are therefore difficult to find. On the other hand, red eggs are designated for creatures that remain on the ground, such as zombie pigmen and other neutral species.

As soon as you’ve discovered an egg carrier, you should place some blocks beneath it to keep them from going off the cliff. After that, slash them with a sword until they’re completely knocked out and unconscious. But you’ll have to keep your distance or the egg carrier will come up behind you and start assaulting you.

After the majority of the audience has been eliminated, prepare some eggs. Following the ‘killing’ of an egg carrier by being rendered unconscious for an inordinate amount of time, the blocks will vanish from the game world. You should collect roughly 5-10 eggs after which you should kill the mob and place one egg for each type of mob you desire to breed.

When you are working on my zombie pigmen project, If you decide to build two zombie pigmen and two pigs, for example. Consequently, create a black egg and a red egg for each of them; because it doesn’t matter what order they are placed in (for example, both a black egg and a red egg create a zombie pigman), place the black eggs first because you need to be able to see the mob emerging from the ground to recognize it.

You should be able to hatch the eggs one by one in a particular order after you have completed all four of them by walking away from them for at least 30 blocks and then returning to them.

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