How to Make a Night Vision Potion in Minecraft

You can make a potion that makes it easier to see in the dark. It not only makes it easier to see at night, but it also allows you to see farther when swimming in the water.

Night vision potions aren’t the first thing that comes to mind for a potion maker, but it’s a highly valuable benefit to have. It’s easy to take having improved vision for granted, but once you’ve tried it, it’ll be tough to go back to normal sight.

If you want to make a Night Vision Potion in Minecraft but don’t know how to do that then this post is going to be quite helpful for you. In this article, we have added a detailed and step-by-step guide so that you can create and utilize Night Vision Potion in Minecraft. Now, without wasting any further time let’s get started.

Requirements to make Night Vision Potion:

You will need the following ingredients to make a Night Vision Potion:

  • Golden Carrot
  • Blaze Powder
  • Brewing Stand
  • Water Bottles
  • Nether Wart

Finding a nether fortress is the most difficult aspect of manufacturing potions. Here is why you will need these ingredients and how to create or find them.

  • Blaze and the nether wart, which are required to manufacture night vision potions, will be housed in the stronghold. To get blazing rods, which are utilized for both creating and fuelling the brewing stand, you must battle several flame foes.
  • To keep the potion’s effect, you’ll need water bottles. Because glass bottles are made of glass, you’ll need to dig out some sand and smelt it into the three parts you’ll need.
  • Nether wart is required to make the uncomfortable potion, which is the foundation for night vision potions. As long as you have soul sand, you may develop a nether wart in the overworld. Make sure to plant some extras so you can make more potions in the future.
  • The golden carrot is used to make night vision potions out of uncomfortable potions. One carrot and eight gold nuggets are required.

How do you manufacture Night Vision Potions in Minecraft?

In a nutshell, the following is what you need to know.

Open the brewing stand to prepare a Potion of Night Vision. Place your water bottle in one of the bottom three boxes in the brewing stand UI. Then, in the top box, insert a nether wart and wait for the arrow to fully fill up. Now, in the brewing stand’s UI, insert your golden carrot in the top box. The uncomfortable potion will transform into a Potion of Night Vision after a few seconds (3:00).

Step-by-Step Instructions

The following is a step-by-step instruction for making Night Vision Potion in Minecraft:

Let’s start with the golden carrot, which is the most important element in night vision remedies. 

You’ll need to gather some carrots to build a golden carrot. They may be discovered in towns, zombies sometimes drop them, or shipwreck or pillager tower chests.

  • Step – 1: Locate a village farm; you can nearly always find carrots in villages. Every villagers’ agricultural plot has a 1/5 chance of producing carrots. Carrots stand out from other crops because of their orange base and green leafy tips.
  • Step – 2: To make a golden carrot, you’ll need to locate a gold ingot. Below “Y” level 31, gold ore may be found wherever. It may also be found near the surface in badland biomes. The mineral is distinguished by yellow specks, and mining it will need at least an iron pickaxe.
  • Step – 3: Make ingots out of your gold ore. Put your gold in a furnace and watch it smelt into ingots.
  • Step – 4: To manufacture gold nuggets, place an ingot into the crafting menu.
  • Step – 5: To make a golden carrot, encircle a carrot with gold nuggets. You’ve got the main component for making night vision potions now. All you need now is a brewing stand. Drops from flame opponents and cobblestone may be used to build one.
  • Step – 6: In order to find flame, you must go to the underworld. Place obsidian four blocks wide and five blocks tall to create a nether gateway.
  • Step – 7: Now, using some flint and steel, ignite the nether gateway. An iron and a flint are required to manufacture flint and steel. Simply insert the flint and iron ingot in any of the nine crafting spots in your crafting menu to begin traveling the underworld.
  • Step – 8: Light one of the interior obsidian blocks to light your portal, then stand in it for a few seconds before facing the scorching depths of the underworld.
  • Step – 9: After that, you’ll need to find a nether fortress. These fortresses are exceedingly uncommon, and your portal may create directly on top of one if you’re lucky.
  • Step -10: You’ve discovered your stronghold after you’ve found the red/purple tint of the brick. The next phase will be to locate the blazes that spawn throughout the stronghold at random intervals.

If you’re fortunate enough to discover one, a blazing spawner may make your life a lot simpler. 

  • Step – 11: Simply defeat enough blazing rods until you have a sufficient amount. You’ll need at least one blazing rod to construct the brewing stand, and any leftovers may be used as fuel. So keep an eye out for additional blazing rods.

Run around your stronghold until you find a stairway with soul sand and red fungus growing on it. You’ll need this nether wart to make your night vision potion.

Return to your crafting table after you’ve gathered all of your supplies. To create a brewing stand, connect your flame rod with three pieces of cobblestone in a crafting table.

  • Step – 12: In order for your brewing stand to operate, you’ll need some flame powder. To manufacture blazing powder, just put a blaze rod in your crafting menu. Two blaze powders will be produced from each blazing rod.
  • Step – 13: To access the UI for your brewing stand, right-click it. To fuel your brewing stand, place your flame powder in the top left slot.
  • Step – 14: You’ll also need some glass bottles. To manufacture glass bottles, smelt some sand in a furnace and arrange three pieces of glass in a “v” form in a crafting menu.
  • Step – 15: Right-click any water source with your glass bottles to fill them up and obtain water bottles. Place the water bottles at the bottom of your brewing stand by right-clicking them.
  • Step – 16: You’re almost finished! Put the nether wart in the last slot, wait for the bottles to fill up, and you’ll have your night vision potion’s base: the uncomfortable potion.
  • Step – 17: Grab your golden carrot and leave the uncomfortable potions at the bottom. It should go in the same slot as the nether wart. After the bottles have been filled, you will have three-night vision medicines.

That concludes the discussion. Your night vision potions will last three minutes and will allow you to see as clearly as if it were a bright and sunny day in caverns, underwater, in the nether, and anyplace else where it is dark. 

These potions may aid in the discovery of ore, the detection of strongholds from a distance, and the discovery of underwater shipwrecks and temples.

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