What are the Keyboard Controls for Don Bradman Cricket 14 for a PC?

Are you a fan of the cricket simulation video game Don Bradman Cricket 14? Do you want to become a master at this popular game? If so, understanding the keyboard controls is essential. Read on to learn more about how to use your keyboard effectively in this game.

Keyboard Controls for Don Bradman Cricket 14

When playing Don Bradman Cricket 14 on PC, understanding the different keyboard commands can be very helpful to play the game more efficiently. Fortunately, we have compiled a comprehensive list of all the keyboard controls so that you can maximize your gaming experience.

Movement Controls

Movement is one of the most important aspects of any video game, and Don Bradman Cricket 14 is no exception. The WASD keys are used for player movement while using arrow keys allows you to control where your cursor is positioned within the game interface. Additionally, using Shift + W/S will enable you to move faster and Shift + A/D will help you turn faster, allowing for greater precision when playing.

For Ball Control

When batting or bowling, it’s important to understand how ball control works to make sure that you get the most out of your gaming experience. To bowl or bat with precision, use Q/E or R/F keys respectively to adjust power and accuracy. Furthermore, pressing Space Bar will allow you access to certain menus throughout the game such as Field Settings Menu which provides additional options for customizing your gaming experience even further.

Camera Views

With camera views, they must be adjusted accordingly for players to have an optimal view of their surroundings during gameplay. This can be accomplished by pressing numbers 1-7 which correspond with different camera angles including behind batsmen (1), close up (2) wide angle (3), side view (4), bowler’s end close up (5), bowler’s end wide angle (6) and third umpire view (7).


Whether you’re new to cricket simulation games or are an experienced gamer looking for some tips on how to master Don Bradman Cricket 14 on PC, understanding the keyboard controls is an essential part of becoming a pro at this popular title. By utilizing WASD and arrow keys for movement control as well as Q/E or R/F keys for ball control and number 1-7 keys for camera views, players can gain insight into how they can maximize their gaming experience while also honing their skills along the way!

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