Injustice 2 Tier List (January 2023) – Best Characters

Injustice 2 Tier List (January 2023) – Best Characters

Smash through the competitive battles with the greatest Characters available. Continue reading this tier list until the end to find out who the most powerful characters in Injustice 2 are!

In order to have a successful run of competitive matches in Injustice 2, it is necessary to adhere to a trustworthy character Tier List. 

This will aid you in determining which characters are the most necessary and deserving of your attention. In order to make things easier for you in Injustice 2, we’ve compiled a list of players that have been ranked according to the popular S-A-B-C-D-F formula. 

It’s important to remember that although this list has been meticulously researched and compiled, it is still susceptible to change based on player preferences. With no nerdy corroborations to the DC world, let’s get this show going.

As we go through the list, the descriptions of each tier will be provided for those who are new to this rating system.

Injustice 2 Best Characters Tier List

Here’s our Injustice 2 tier list, which ranks all of the characters from greatest to worst, in order of appearance:

S TierBatman
S TierBlack Adam
S TierCatwoman
S TierDoctor Fate
S TierStarfire
S TierWonder Woman
A TierBlack Manta
A TierFirestorm
A TierFlash
A TierHell Boy
A TierRedhood
A TierScarecrow
A TierSuper Girl
A TierSuperman
B TierAquaman
B TierAtrocitus
B TierBlue Beetle
B TierDarkseid
B TierEnchantress
B TierGreen Arrow
B TierGreen Lantern
B TierPoison Ivy
B TierRobin
B TierSub Zero
C TierAtom
C TierBane
C TierBrainiac
C TierCheetah
C TierCyborg
C TierDeadshot
C TierLeonardo
D TierBlack Canary
D TierCaptain Cold
D TierHarley Quinn
D TierJoker
D TierSwamp Thing
F TierDonatello
F TierGorilla Grodd
F TierRaiden
F TierRaphael

Here is a detailed explanation for these tiers.

S Tier Details: 

This tier symbolizes the characters who are the very greatest to play in the game. These characters have characteristics that are the most useful in the game. They may be put to use in a variety of scenarios and, in many cases, they will come out on top without you having to do any effort.

A Tier Details: 

However, despite the fact that these characters do not fall into the “Weaker than S Tier” category, their use in-game varies from one player to another. Additional to that, heroes falling into this tier are nonetheless extremely powerful, making them the most difficult to classify of any character tier!

B Tier Details: 

Characters that are somewhat above average but who can nonetheless deliver a punch come into this category. Despite the fact that they aren’t the strongest, they have several useful features that they may employ even in tough encounters.

C Tier Details: 

Now we’ll get into the specifics of which tier characters you’d want to play within a game when the outcome isn’t important. These characters have the potential to make a difference, but they have either been significantly nerfed or do not possess characteristics that could help them overcome their slim chances.

D Tier Details: 

Character attributes that are average in the game. Due to the fact that these names hold a special place in our hearts, it is difficult to gaze at this tier. Additionally, they are more susceptible in-game than other characters, despite the fact that their qualities have a relatively less influence on stronger characters.

F Tier Details: 

To put it simply, these are the characters with the lowest tier rankings since their in-game attributes are subpar at best. 

In addition to being significantly outmatched, these agents make little contribution to the success of competitive matches.

That’s all there is to it! From levels S through F, this is the entire ranking list of characters in Injustice 2.

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