How to Get Hardwood in Stardew Valley

Hardwood is a resource in Stardew Valley that players will need to make a variety of buildings, upgrades, and craftable items; here’s how to get it.

While regular wood will suffice for many early game projects in Stardew Valley, players will quickly learn that Hardwood is necessary for a number of chores. Hardwood, unlike ordinary wood, cannot usually be found or obtained by felling trees, making it difficult to find.

Obtaining Hardwood:

As further updates have been released, more ways to get Hardwood have been added to Stardew Valley. As a result, more recipes now call for this resource, making it even more important for players to collect it as quickly as possible.

While some methods of getting Hardwood do not require Axe enhancements, it is still recommended that players upgrade their axe as much as possible. 

Because one of the best ways to get Hardwood every day demands at least a Steel Axe, it is the most recommended upgrade.

Several different types of trees can be chopped down to get hardwood. These sources include Mahogany Trees, Large Stumps, and Large Logs. 

Any Axe can be used to take down Mahogany Trees, however, they must first be planted and grown by a player. Large stumps can be hacked down with a Copper Axe or better. Finally, huge logs can be hacked down using a Steel Axe or greater.

Shaking or chopping down Mahogany Trees, digging up a Mahogany Seed that has fallen from a fully grown Mahogany Tree, or chopping up any other Hardwood source can all yield Mahogany Seeds. They can also be gotten from the Golden Coconuts on Ginger Island or the Slimes in the Secret Woods. In addition, the Island Trader will trade one Stingray for a Mahogany Seed.

The Secret Woods, located in Cindersap Forest’s northwestern corner, is the best place to find Large Stumps on a regular basis. 

It contains six Large Stumps that respawn every day, giving players twelve pieces of Hardwood each time they visit. Players must, however, first cut down the enormous log blocking the path to the woods. 

To complete this assignment, players will need at least a Steel Axe, as previously indicated.

Players will find Large Stumps and Large Logs on their farms when they first start playing Stardew Valley. These, on the other hand, will not revive if you remove them, but you can still use their Hardwood.

While Hardwood is a valuable resource, the majority of Stardew Valley residents do not appreciate it as a gift. Robin is the only villager who enjoys Hardwood, whereas the rest of the villagers despise it.

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