How to Get Gleamite in New World

As the holiday season is on, therefore different games have included relevant updates. Among these games is New World which has launched the Winter Convergence Festival.

New World is an amazing game, and with the new update featuring the Winter Convergence Festival, fans have been quite excited to try out the new items.

During the Winter Convergence Festival in New World, the players can collect some premium and rare items by selling shards of Gleamite for Winter Tokens.

In addition to the event, the game introduced Winter Tokens, a unique currency that allows players to exchange for limited-edition, one-of-a-kind items. The simplest approach to getting a large number of tokens is to understand how to obtain Gleamite.

If you don’t know how to get Gleamite in New World then keep on reading this article till the end. 

Get Gleamite in New World

Following are a few methods that can be used to get Gleamite in the New World.

By Completing Winter Convergence Questline

If the New World players end the Winter Convergence questline in New World then they will be assigned to collect a fallen gleaming crystal by the Winter Wanderer in the Winter Village.

However, the Winter Wanderer will mark the location of a Gleamite Shard on the map. But that is only to provide extra convenience in order to complete the quests. 

Some users believe that this is not the ideal method to acquire new materials (Gleamites).

By Gleamite Chunks:

As soon as the night falls on Aeternum, you will notice Gleamite meteors showing in the sky which indicates the forthcoming Gleamite showers dynamic event.

Gleamite Chunks is a new resource node in New World through which players can get Gleamite litter at a random location in Aeternum. This phenomenon only takes place after midnight and it ends at the crack of dawn.

Where can I find Gleamite Chunks?

You can find Gleamite Chunks at different locations at the same time in Halo Infinite but without any real or predicted pattern. Here are a few places to look for a Gleamite.

  1. You can find the Gleamite near the location where the meteor is broken into smaller shards.

The event that takes place during the nighttime is impossible to miss because it is a spectacular display of colors in the sky. 

After players arrive at one of these locations in New World, Gleamite Chunks may be recognized as towering, multi-colored crystals poking out of the ground.

How to Exchange Gleamite Chunks for Winter Tokens?

Players may exchange their gleamite crystals for a single Winter Token at the nearest Winter Village inside the Holiday Hut when they’ve mined their full, which can then be redeemed for special Winter Convergence Festival items.

Despite the recent outbreak of hostilities in the New World, most players have been entranced by the beauty of Gleamite Showers, recording several movies or snapping innumerable photographs of the impact and sharing them with the community on social media. 

The event’s simplicity and tangible awards were also lauded, with gamers expressing their want to see more such events in the future.

Those who call Aeternum home this winter will no doubt be delighted by keeping their eyes on the sky at night.

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