How to Complete Dares of Eternity in Destiny 2

Dares of Eternity is more than a two-player level where you can play the new Eternity game node from the target map. This has two difficulty levels, one at the Power Level of 1150, the Normal level, and the Legend Power Level 1320, which do not have matchmaking options.

Round 1: Clear your Enemies and Activate the Adversity Wheel

To get to the first ring, start by walking the distance between Starhorsen and Xur. In this first round, clear your enemy and activate the Adversity wheel to select the enemy that will face your team. Some differences depend on the type of enemy you face, but all actions are the same.

The first round has two stages. Defeat all the enemies. The masters show up here from time to time, so make sure that someone from your team makes the changes without interruption. When the tire is deflated, the second round begins. Here you have different targets depending on the enemy you face.

To capture an item, you must defeat a marked enemy and destroy an invincible enemy or other items. When you encounter a Vex, kill the head bearer, pick up its empty skulls, and shoot the goalkeeper that breaks its shields.

But If you have to fight with the cabal, the Bombtenders must be killed and thrown to the commander. Each enemy has a different name, but all have the same concept. Take it a little differently. For them, you have to knock down an open space and kill the opponent that is causing trouble for that orphan. Once all the enemies are defeated, you can proceed from one to another battlefield.

Round 2:

In the Fallen, you and your team must move on the map to stop the bomb in the capture area. Spread all over the area and try to cover it as much as possible. 

If you plan to close them before the end of time, you will get three more chests. Follow the sign behind the circle and walk in between the two stones to jump into the gap in the front wall. 

It must be timed to the right or else it may hit a wall that is rotating and if you fall onto the ground. At the bottom of the wall, a corridor opens that will lead to your next destination. 

When you reach the safe, press the button again to turn the Adversity wheel. It is the same as the first round, before you can proceed, you must clear the enemy. In the first round, all you have to do is eliminate all the enemies to heal. Here is the second round, it is the same as the second round of the first half.

Keep focusing on the pointed enemies and use their falling objects to attack the unstoppable targets. At the end of the second stage, you have to kill the boss at the end of the room. It Depends on the enemies you encounter, you can protect your boss; In this case, the higher classes nearby must be eliminated or, as in the previous level, the enemy must be defeated. 

To end the round the boss has to be killed. When the round is over, Xur will advise you to predict who the enemy is. Guess you are standing on the stage closest next to the door of your choice – the hive on the left. Turn right for vex and the center for the Cabal.

If your prediction is true, you’ll get a hit called Starhorse’s Favor, which will give you an immediate recovery and ease your character. If you make a mistake, you will receive a Starhorse Penalty Debuff, which will slow down the recovery of your skills. But run always through the opening door and cross the main obstacle course to the end. The buff/debuff will end when you go through the next round.

Round 3:

The last round is a boss fight. If you go through the door of the Hive, you will have to fight with two similar copies of Crota that could only be destroyed by only the cleavers who can be found by Hive elites. Marked enemies can be killed by using diamond icons, grabbing their swords, and attacking one of the Crota until he dies.

If you travel through the Cabal door, you will be confronted by a Cabal champion who will become invulnerable from time to time unless you and your squad defeat 12 Siegebringers. You must destroy the flying thresher and deposit its core into the generator to disconnect it when the main shield generator starts. 

If you went through the Vex door, you’ll need to get rid of the Zydron, a Vex that turns invulnerable now and again until you track down and kill the two key holders. During combat, Zydron initiates some capture procedures, forcing the arena’s walls to move into the arena and injuring anybody who comes into contact with them. On defensive pitches, it also catches players. Shoot or battle the wall to free your partner if you notice him imprisoned.

When your team defeats the boss, a new chest is constructed in which you can claim your rewards. Occasionally, a bonus round known as Lightning Round would begin, awarding three more chests.

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