How to Change Reticle Colors in Apex Legends

With the improved reticle color options in Apex Legends, it has become quite easier than ever to take creative control of your gameplay. The players are loving the improved reticle options. However, you still have to configure them manually as per your choice.

If you don’t know how to improve reticle color options in Apex Legends then this article is going to be quite helpful for you. In this post, we have mentioned a step-by-step guide to enhancing your gameplay with creative controls in Apex Legends. Here’s all you need to know about reticle colors, for instance changing your crosshair, whether you want a fiery Hot Pink or a more quiet Cerulean.

Can I Customize My Reticle Colors in Apex Legends?

Apex Legends is an interesting game that allows its players to create their own playstyle that is different from others and quite unique. The game developers are fully focused on making the players comfortable with their own choices, which is why most of the gameplay features customization for users.

Whether it is about picking the ideal legends that are best for you or honing your preferred arsenal of weapons to demolish the arena, you get to choose everything. 

In a battle, it becomes quite difficult to deal with your enemies when you are not able to keep track of your reticle, like where is it heading?

But, thanks to Respawn Entertainment, their developers have introduced advanced solutions to eliminate this problem for players. 

How to Change the Color of Your Reticle in Apex Legends?

To change your Reticle colors in Apex Legends, you will of course have to enter the game first. After you do that, head towards the Firing range and then follow the basic step-by-step guide mentioned below. 

  1. Go to the Settings menu and then click on the Gameplay tab, then scroll down to the Reticle section.
  2. In order to access the Reticle Color selection page, choose the Customize option.
  3. You can either select one of the four premade color schemes or fine-tune your selection using the color sliders.
  4. After that practice shooting at moving targets and bots to ensure that your decision is viable in-game.

If you are not able to locate the accurate color of your choice, then it is recommended to use the current boxes located on the right-hand side of the screen. Here you can enter a custom Hex Code to make sure that you are getting your desired colors and settings without any hassle. 

If you are on a gaming console, then unfortunately you will not be getting any additional options. On the contrary, PC players are allowed to take things to another level in the game. If you are a PC player, then you can take a step further by using the startup options in the game. 

  • First of all, right-click the game’s thumbnail on Steam to enter the Properties menu. 
  • After that look for the Launch Options line.
  • Replace the zeroes with the Hex Code numbers of your choice in the code +reticle color “0 0 0.” This will allow you to get around the restrictions on the options in the in-game menu, which are particularly limited to numbers under 255.

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