How to Activate Pressure Plates in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact plates are circular platforms that emit light when they are activated. If you are looking for Pressure Plates then you can find them in Liyue. 

Most importantly, pressure plates are a part of several puzzles that are related to several mysteries around the Genshin Impact. 

In Genshin Impact, you will have to activate these pressure plates to solve the puzzles. Most of the puzzles may require more than just one plate (two or three) to be activated to proceed.

However, the thing is, users, have been wondering about how to activate the Pressure Plates in Genshin Impact. Given the situation, you can’t solve the puzzle.

If you are looking for answers, you have come to the right place. In this article, we are going to discuss how you can activate the pressure plates in Genshin Impact. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Pressure Plates Activation:

Activating pressure plates in Genshin Impact is an easy task. It will take nothing more for you than to step on the pressure plates. As soon as you step on them they will light on and this mechanism will allow the pressure plates to operate properly.

But, remember that as soon as you step out of the pressure plates then the light will start to disappear and the plate will be deactivated. 

How to Activate Two or More Pressure Plates at Once?

More to the point, you must light up a large number of pressure plates at the same time, often as many as three or four at the same time. 

Another difficulty arises as a result of this. If you do not have access to outside assistance, you will need to think outside the box to activate co-op in your environment.

Use the Geo Construct Method:

The best way to activate several pressure plates of any type at once is the Geo construct Method which is hands down the most effective one available right now. 

The Geo Construct method usually requires the Geo characters and for such characters, elemental skills are always used. They have to remain on the field for long enough to activate all of the necessary pressure plates to complete the task they are currently engaged in. Even though other characters can perform the same job, this is the most frequently encountered.

Multiple characters listed below possess Elemental Skills that can trigger greater pressure plates when they are in their range of them.

  1. Traveler (Geo)
  2. Zhongli
  3. Albedo
  4. Arataki Itto
  5. Ningguang (Jade Screen can be difficult to position)
  6. Klee (Jumpy Dumpty can be difficult to arrange)

Meanwhile, the Elemental Skills of the following characters can trigger smaller Pressure Plates:

Just by stepping on a tiny Plate, any character can activate it.

  1. Amber
  2. Fischl (requires Stellar Predator passive; use Charged shot to position Oz)
  3. Ganyu
  4. Mona

However, characters that are only capable of activating small Pressure Plates can nonetheless light up a portion of a bigger Pressure Plate in some cases. The majority of problems will stay unsolved until the Plate has been fully illuminated, which will take many minutes.

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