How to Defeat Jega Rdomnai in Halo Infinite 2024

As you approach the end of the Halo Infinite campaign you will be more frequently fighting with some Banished enemies and their strong leaders. One such enemy is Jeda ‘Rdomnai, which is an Elite Blademaster who comes in a powerful Red Armor.

In order to defeat Jeda ‘Rdomnai, you will require some advanced and master Chief weapons. This is the only way to escape the deadly attacks of Jega ‘Rdomnai in Halo Infinite.

Jega ‘Rdomnai is a tough boss who will take on players at the end of the Halo Infinite campaign. In mission 14, “House of Reckoning”, players will encounter Blademaster, and he is a formidable opponent. 

Jega ‘Rdomnai carries two special energy words and uses the Active Camo to hide his movements. Players must use some of the Master Chief gadgets to win this battle.

You can utilize gadgets like Grappleshot in order to win in the Boss battles. However, in the case of defeating harder bosses such as Jega ‘Rdomnai, you will definitely need to upgrade your weapons before picking up a fight.

In order to upgrade the Grappleshot, you will require Spartan Cores, which can be collected while exploring the open world between Halo Infinite campaign missions.

Keep in mind that you have to upgrade your Grappleshot and Threat Sensors as much as you can in order to fight and defeat Jega ‘Rdomnai. 

The Blademaster, Jeda Rdomnai uses Active Camo to be invisible, that is why it is extremely important to use the threat sensor in battle if you want to defeat your opponent. You can also get the upper hand by upgrading the Threat Sensor. By upgrading the device, it will get equipped with an extra sensor. In this way, the detection radius will increase and it will be easier for you to track the moments of Jeda Rdomnai and attack him accordingly.

You can also get benefits by upgrading your Grappleshot. With an upgraded Grappleshot you can use it more often and stun enemies allowing you to shoot at them directly. These two weapons are what you need in order to fight Jega ‘Rdomnai and defeat the Blademaster.

Another thing to notice is that Jega ‘Rdomnai immediately becomes invisible at the start of the match. So that is why you have to place the threat sensor in the center of the arena. Otherwise, if you don’t do it you won’t be able to detect the boss on time and you can experience a huge beam.

If players have an upgraded sensor, they can put a second sensor away to keep Jega ‘Rdomnai always visible. Once revealed, the next step is to lower Jega ‘Rdomnai’s shields and destroy his health.

Best Way to Fight:

The best way to fight Jega ‘Rdomnai is to grab him, rotate him and shoot him as far as possible. The best Halo Infinite weapons to use for this battle are the plasma as hunting rifles. Since Jega ‘Rdomnai must come close to attack, the shotgun can be a great way to deal a lot of damage at close range and the plasma cannon will help you clear your boss’s shields. When Jega ‘Rdomnai’s shields are deactivated, players will want to shoot him all the time to prevent the shields from being reborn.

Players can also use the shock coils scattered in the arena to take down the boss and deal explosive damage. Defeating Jega ‘Rdomnai in Halo Infinite requires clever maneuvers and some gadgets. However, there are some upgrades that will help players in this Halo Infinite boss battle. Once Jega ‘Rdomnai is defeated, players can advance to the next part of the Halo Infinite campaign.

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