How to Defeat the Harbinger in Halo Infinite

First of all, congrats on reaching the grand finale of Halo Infinite’s campaign. Now that you have reached this point, you have to do the Harbinger boss fight to move further in the game. You’ve reached this point after a tough match, however, the final boss appearance in the main arena is bigger than any home coaching match that you have played throughout the game. 

As discussed, to reach the next stage you have to defeat Harbinger, and trust me it’s not that easy. The battle with Harbinger is divided into three different phases and for each phase, you have to use or deploy a separate strategy.

If you want to defeat Harbinger in Halo Infinite then we are here to help you. The process might be difficult but with our detailed guide on How to defeat Harbinger in Halo Infinite? You can surely accomplish something. So, let’s get started now. 

Phase 1:

In the first stage, Harbinger will summon a group of the banished army to defeat you. So, you have to do anything to defeat the mob first. 

Harbinger’s campaigns run counter to the traditional campaign system you are probably familiar with. It opens the battle of the unbearable shield, and before you can put your finger on it, you must dismantle the repulsive forces of all kinds and sizes of value. 

Phase 2: 

Eliminate the enemy one after the other until she finally stops what she is doing on her shield – we will not tell her here if you read it until you see the end of the story.

With her shield on the ground, she will be vulnerable to attack, so spread what you have. This arena-like arena is filled with guns and grenades, and like most boss battles, you have a chance to save her life at her destination. Whether she will return to the shield and shoot afterward.

Or else, this process will go through several stages and usually points to book leaders who will benefit all players in the game. 

Phase 3:

We must emphasize one point, it is always something more than this or the previous mess. This means that when Harbinger intends to defeat you and return to her shield, she is strong enough to attack the infinite halo like anyone. Any enemy class you see for up to 15+ hours up to this point will start hunting directly at the same time.

Protect your distance from the chargers, send flying guards, and watch the killers, snipers, and more. The buffer is bulletproof, so stay tuned – make good use of Grappleshot, but in this example, a well-placed Drop Wall can save your life too, especially if it is updated bigger and stronger.

Of course, there is no specific science in this fight other than simplicity: do not stop the movement. The uprising will eventually bring the death of Harbinger. I’m sure you will enjoy the mode, however, if you fail to do so then try using a normal difficulty setting.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many hours is Halo Infinite?

Halo Infinite Campaign will take almost 16 to 20 hours to get finished. The duration may vary from time to time depending on how much you play. However one can easily finish it in 18 hours of time without getting distracted.

Is Halo Infinite a good game?

Halo Infinite is for sure an amazing and entertaining game to play. The developers have done a great job in blending action as well as emotional characteristics in the game. The longevity of this game is another important factor that adds up to the entertainment. Also, it is a multiplayer game.

Is Halo Infinite Campaign free?

No, Halo Infinite isn’t a free game, you have to purchase it. There might be some additional costs as well. However, if you are a member of the Xbox Game Pass club then you won’t be charged with additional prices.

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