What are FOBs in Halo Infinite and How to Use Them

What are FOBs in Halo Infinite and How to Use Them

The Forward Operating Base, or FOB, in Halo Infinite, is a Zeta Halo Open World Base that allows players to re-equip, travel rapidly, and show objects on a tech map once they’ve earned them. 

However, because the refugees have taken possession of the UNSC platforms, it is your mission as master chief to dismantle them so that you may use them to overturn the refugees in the ring. 

Many of these may be found in Halo Infinite, and you’ll want to collect them all to make your journey as simple as possible. You may also level up to get access to new weapons and vehicles, as well as the ability to submit orders. In Halo Infinite, here’s all you need to know about HOBs, including how to improve them.

How does Halo Infinite FOB work?

To use it to remove all the exiled foes surrounding you, you’ll need a Halo Infinite FOB, then head to the platform console and follow the button indicator. 

Once you have one, you may use it to replenish your ammo and fragmentation grenades, as well as totally re-equip them by requesting new weapons and vehicles. 

Any FOB will have friendly Marines who will join you in the fight against refugees. Obtaining FOB also marks the locations of any adjacent secondary activities, such as Spartan Colors and Majolner Armor, making it extremely beneficial to your team’s general progress and upgrade.

You’ll only be able to use Mangoos at the vehicle station and sidekicks at the weapon station at first. As you gain value, you’ll be able to unlock more, as we’ll describe below. By destroying unique deportation targets in the open world, you may also obtain stronger varieties of unlocked weaponry (which you claim will be marked near any FOB). 

When defeated, each target utilizes a unique weapon that is permanently unlocked in any FOB. After all, each of these hello infinite bases is surrounded by an audio record. Learn more about Hello Infinite’s recent events and how the UNSC disbanded as a result of the exile.

Halo Infinite FOB location:

There are a total of 12 Halo Infinite FOBs scattered around the Hello Zeta campaign, each of which begins with the capture of an exiled adversary. 

We advocate capturing as many individuals as possible in your present location, so check out our maps to see where they are and plan your next move. Because they are distributed among a variety of split islands in the wavering that are not accessible to everyone from the start, some FOBs will be barred until the story proceeds.

How to get Valor to upgrade FOB on Halo Infinite?

You can unlock new weapons with the FOB machine if you have boundless bravery. This is essentially an XP system for FOB, and hitting a particular level of bravery might lead to further reinforcement to call FOB. 

For example, when you achieve 1,100 valor, the combat rifle will open, and when you reach 2,600 valor, the Vesp Aerial machine will open.

Valor may come from a variety of places and in varying amounts, but finishing the major plot task yields the most, generally several hundred heroic points. 

Certain secondary tasks, such as clearing an outpost (100 valor per outpost), naval rescue (30 valor per soldier), and demolishing propaganda towers, need a minor quantity of courage (10 courage per tower). To find out how much bravery you have, scroll over the map icons and click the information box.

When you open Tacmap and go down to the “FOB” tab, you’ll be able to see which reinforcements and required items you’ve previously opened, as well as the objects you’ll discover in front of them. In the top right corner of the screen, your present valor is also indicated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Halo Infinite an RPG?

Halo Infinite’s campaign is more likely to add some light RPG elements to the game. The recent trailer for Halo Infinite campaign revealed the intel on its RPG elements.

Is Halo Infinite available on PS4?

Unfortunately, Halo Infinite is not available to play on PS4 and PS4. However, you can still enjoy playing the game on other platforms such as on a PC, or on an XBOX gaming console. There is no official news for the PS4 release of Halo Infinite.

How many GB is Halo Infinite?

Halo Infinite consumes up to 50GB of your storage space.

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