Genshin Impact: All Characters Tier List 2024

There are presently 46 Genshin Impact characters available, so your ideal squad won’t be short of contenders. However, with so many various weapons, elementals, abilities, ascension bonuses, and constellation upgrades to choose from, it might be difficult to narrow down your favorites.

In reality, finding a really awful Genshin Impact character is tough. While basic numbers and elemental powers are significant, a character’s worth is partly determined by their particular playstyle, weapons, and artifacts available, and team composition. 

However, if your favorite character is at the C tier or below, you may find it difficult to go through some of the more difficult Spiral Abyss levels. Don’t worry if your favorite character is in the lower tiers; you can still use our suggested Genshin Impact builds to make it work.

In general, being in the top tiers indicates that a character is the best in their job, is not too complex to create, and plays well independently of teammates. 

Being in a lower tier indicates that better options exist, or that the character requires a highly particular build of our team to thrive. To clarify, the characters are not rated inside their own tier. With that out of the way, let’s take a look at our Genshin Impact tier list’s character rankings!

Here are the ranks/tiers used for Genshin Impact Character Tier List:

  • SS Tier 
  • A Tier 
  • B Tier 
  • C Tier
  • D Tier

SS-Tier Character List

  1. DILUC:

Diluc possesses a shield-wrecking Claymore, the greatest base attack power, and a high critical rate, making him one of the finest DPS characters in Genshin Impact. His elemental skills may cause massive Pyro damage while also being ideal for elemental responses. 

As if that weren’t enough, Diluc’s elemental blast has a 12-second cooldown and only requires 40 Energy.


Keqing has very high stats, making her one of the greatest characters in the game right away. In every category, including attack power, HP, and defense, this Sword and Electro character is among the finest. She is a fantastic melee combatant, but she also possesses great Electro skills. Did we mention she can teleport across the battlefield using her elemental ability?

  1. VENTI

Venti, the character created by Bow and Anemo, is perhaps the finest elemental support in the game. He can throw his foes or himself into the air with his elemental skill, and his elemental burst summons a gigantic Stormeye that pulls in all-around enemies. It can also absorb Pyro, Electro, Hydro, and Cryo elements, which are turned into a 50% increase in damage output for that elemental type.

  1. TAO HU

When equipped with the proper build, this Polearm and Pyro character can deliver a powerful punch. Fans anticipated another five-star Pyro character to be on par with Diluc, and although Hu Tao may not be able to deliver as much damage via AoE strikes as Diluc, her single-target damage output makes her incredibly significant.


How is it possible for a four-star character to be in the top tier? Bennett is the support position in most parties, offering a damage boost to the whole team, healing, and delivering damage as needed. Bennett is the ultimate all-in-one character, which is why he has the greatest selection rate of all characters in the toughest Spiral Abyss levels.

  1. GANYU

Ganyu and her Bow are the first to challenge Diluc’s offensive strength at the basic level. She also has the unique ability to use her charged attack to fire several types of Cryo arrows, including one that does the area of effect damage. Ganyu can continually hurt and freeze her adversaries because of her formidable AoE elemental skills.

  1. EULA

Eula is a top-tier damage dealer in Genshin Impact, able to unleash tremendous AoE burst damage with her Lightfall Sword and cause massive amounts of physical damage by stacking Grimheart. Her attack speed is quicker than most Claymore users’, and she can also inflict Cryo for Superconductor elemental reactions, which weaken the foes’ physical resistance, allowing her to do even more damage. How to get the most out of Eula as a physical carry is explained in our Eula build guide.

S-Tier Character List

  1. XIAO

With his diving strikes, Xiao, the only Anemo character focused only on DPS, performs an excellent job at assaulting numerous adversaries at once. With a variety of characters, he can easily activate the elemental reaction Swirl, enabling Xiao to fit in with the majority of the lineup. See how to get the most out of Genshin Impact Xiao’s elemental abilities with our Genshin Impact Xiao build.


This Hydro character isn’t only good with a bow; he can also switch his ranged weapon for melee Hydro daggers by activating his elemental talent. Tartaglia, unlike other Hydro characters, can do a lot of elemental damage. He can also easily build up Hydro/Electro or Hydro/Cryo combos, making him versatile.

  1. KLEE

This bomber’s basic attack is powerful, plus he has bonus ascension Pyro damage and a Catalyst. As a consequence, she’s quite simple to construct for maximal Pyro damage. To learn how to have a look at our Genshin Impact Klee build. Klee’s main flaw is that getting the appropriate range between her and her foes might be difficult.


Albedo, unlike the other Geo characters in Genshin Impact, can repeatedly cause Geo-infused elemental reactions that do a lot of damage. Albedo’s elemental powers generate Geo blasts with a huge area of influence, and his elemental talent has a cooldown duration of just four seconds.


Kazuha, the game’s first Inazuma character, has wowed the Genshin Impact community with his extraordinary adaptability. This Anemo Swordfighter can do a lot of damage on his own if you choose the finest Kazuha to build. The amount of damage you can do with him if you place him on a team that uses elemental reactions is simply incredible.

  1. AYAKA

The Cryo Sword user Ayaka was added to the game with the Genshin Impact 2.0 update. Many people had great hopes for this character, and it’s safe to say she’s delivered. 

Ayaka can be constructed in a DPS position, but she can also fill the sub-DPS role if required, despite not having the same damage output as Diluc or Ganyu. It’s too early to say where Ayaka will wind up permanently, but she’s already made a great impact.

  1. MONA

Hydrodynamic personality Mona’s elemental blast may immobilize many foes at once, and when combined with a Cryo teammate, can possibly freeze them. Furthermore, by producing her taunting Phantom, she may shield your primary DPS from taking too much damage. Mona also possesses a particular evasive ability, making her a very mobile Catalyst wielding.


Zhongli is now deserving of his five-star rating with the 1.3 upgrades. Zhongli’s damage output has been dramatically improved thanks to enhancements to both Geo abilities and the Geo elemental resonance. Zhongli can not only deliver damage comparable to S-tier characters, but his Jade Shield ability is also quite powerful, enabling him to play in a DPS/Support hybrid position. Take a look at our Genshin Impact Zhongli builds to see how much better he has become.


Raiden Shogun is a fantastic character, but her Electro element isn’t that powerful. Electro, when compared directly to Pyro and Cryo, is unable to compete with the greatest elements due to its insufficient strength. Choose a support build to get the most out of Raiden Shogun, and use her elemental talent to enhance your party members. 

Raiden Shogun might rise up the tier list if Electro is given an upgrade to bring it up to speed with the game’s strongest features.

  1. ITTO

When Arataki Itto was initially revealed, the Genshin Impact community was skeptical about how well a Geo DPS character might perform. The Geo element isn’t recognized for its DPS, and Itto’s skills grow dependent on his defense numbers, therefore his potential is further questioned. It’s safe to say Itto has exceeded all expectations since when partnered with the correct party members, he can do massive levels of damage. The only thing preventing Itto from reaching the top tier is his requirement for Geo characters; your team must revolve totally around Itto, while the greatest characters don’t need nearly as much assistance.

A-Tier Character List

  1. RAZOR

Razor is the second-best choice if you don’t already have a 5-star primary DPS. He is one of Genshin Impact’s greatest melee fighters, wielding a Claymore and having a high attack power. His elemental powers help him with melee assaults, but they aren’t as beneficial when it comes to triggering elemental reactions.

  1. JEAN

Jean has a poor basic attack, but her flexibility as Anemo support and healer compensates for it. While she doesn’t excel in any one job, her combined melee assaults, crowd control skills, and HP regeneration may carry a squad. To learn how to utilize Genshin Impact Jean in battle, check out our build guide.


Yanfei has the equal third greatest base attack among the four-star characters (tied with Rosaria). Yanfei is no exception to the rule that pyro characters wind up being powerful as a result of elemental reactions. Our Genshin Impact Yanfei setup explains which artifacts and weapons you should use to get the most out of this ace lawyer.


Rosaria, a Cryo-based four-star character, excels in multiple areas, whether you choose to use her as your primary source of damage or as a supporting character for your stronger heroes. Rosaria’s damage output may not be as high as some of the top characters, but her abilities are very adaptable, enabling her to fit into a wide range of teams. Learn how to make the greatest Genshin Impact Rosaria build right now.


Xiangling may not do the most melee damage with only her Polearm, but there’s no disputing that she’s one of Genshin Impact’s greatest Pyros. Her elemental talent summons a fire-breathing teddy bear that auto-targets her, and her elemental burst covers her in flames for up to 10 seconds.

The Prinzessin of Electro Damage, FISCHL, has the unique power to summon Oz, her familiar, to the battlefield. Although Fischl’s constellation and skill upgrades are required to optimize Oz’s Electro damage output, this ability has a lot of potentials and is great for producing Electro-infused elemental reactions. Here’s where you can learn how to make the greatest Genshin Impact Fischl build.


Although this Hydro Catalyst character has the lowest basic attack of all of the Genshin Impact characters, she is a superb healer. She may use her elemental talent to heal players one by one or use her elemental burst to heal the whole team at once. She also produces the ‘wet’ state, rendering her healing ineffective against Cryo opponents.


Despite the fact that Yomiya’s powers are based on pyrotechnics, her assaults have a small area of influence. As a consequence, Yoimiya can’t simply go through the most difficult areas of Spiral Abyss without a lot of help from her teammates – although it’s possible, it’s not the best way to play her. There’s a possibility that, as with Zhongli, the community makes a large enough fuss over her that the devs decide to buff her. Learn how to get the most out of Yoimiya’s talents by checking out our Yoimiya build.


Given the large number of characters on the Genshin Impact roster, the developers are finding it tough to come up with a new sort of healer that gamers haven’t seen before. Kokomi is the newest Hydro healer to enter the game, and it seems that the community is dissatisfied with her powers immediately. Kokomi is a strong healer when using the best Kokomi support build, however, her abilities aren’t required in the current meta.

  1. THOMA

Thoma, like the other four main characters from Inazuma, plays a specialized function in very distinct teams. You may make shields for your teammates with our Thoma shield support construct that grants non-flinching status every second. You can afford to extend your attack animation against some of the larger, slower bosses in Genshin Impact since you won’t be catapulted into the air. Thoma’s shield, however, isn’t powerful enough to compete with the top support heroes. That said, Thoma has a place at certain Pyro-themed events, but he won’t be as influential as a five-star figure like Zhongli.

B-Tier Character List

  1. SAYU

Sayu is an Anemo and Claymore user that can both deal and repair damage to the rest of the group. Sayu, like other four-star characters, finds it difficult to stand out against the greatest in their class, such as Ganyu or Diona. That said, if you did unlock Sayu and choose to utilize her, there are a variety of team configurations in which she may excel. To view our support and DPS builds for this squirrel warrior, check out our Sayu build guide.


The Sword strikes of Xingqui are just mediocre, and his elemental cooldowns are quite lengthy. He isn’t the best Hydro for inflicting the wet condition on huge enemy swarms. However, Xingqui’s passive talent heals the current character, which may be quite valuable in the proper team.


All four-star characters have the same basic attack as Pyro Xinyan. She does, however, have the unfortunate misfortune of sharing the same weapon and elemental type as Diluc. Despite the fact that she is not a horrible character, she is easily overshadowed by the better Claymore and Pyro characters.


Chongyun is an excellent Claymore melee character, but he really excels as a Cryo character with an area of effect. He can freeze a large number of foes at once when combined with a good Hydro. He can freeze, freeze, and freeze again thanks to a 12-second cooldown elemental blast.


Sucrose, an alchemist, may use her elemental talent to catapult adversaries into the air, inflicting Anemo damage in the process. With her burst, she can absorb all Pyro, Electro, Hydro, and Cryo elements, transforming them to increased damage output. Does this ring a bell? Sucrose is similar to Venti, although not quite as tasty.

  1. DIONA

Katzlein Diona’s ranged damage isn’t great, but her Cryo powers may easily freeze many adversaries at once. She can also heal and produce shields to defend herself. Diana isn’t the greatest in any of these positions, but she’s excellent elemental support for newer teams.

  1. QIQI

Let’s start with Cryo Sword-fighter Qiqi’s strongest feature: she not only has very high attack numbers, but she also has healing skills that scale off of that same attack strength. To put it another way, she is both a tremendous damage dealer and an excellent healer. Unfortunately, healers have no place in the current meta, therefore Qiqi’s efficacy on the later Spiral Abyss levels is drastically reduced.

  1. ALOY

The community didn’t have high hopes for Genshin Impact’s first crossover character, since free characters are notorious for underperforming. Aloy looks to be an exception since she is a fantastic sub-DPS option in the right teams. The machine hunter’s lack of constellations is holding her back, but there’s a potential they’ll be included with Aloy’s tale mission at a later date.


Sara is one of the most uncomfortable characters in the game without any constellation improvements owing to her clumsy moves. Sara’s finest Genshin Impact build revolves around her transforming into an Electro battery. Sara fails to compete with the other four-star characters as a DPS option. Sara’s skills make her ideal for an Electro party, but this isn’t a strong enough aspect to build on. To get the most out of Sara, make sure you have at least one extra Electro character in your party.

  1. GOROU

Gorou is the first character created with the primary goal of assisting Geo characters. As a consequence, Gorou isn’t the most interesting character simply because he doesn’t function well in groups. When you combine Gorou’s powers with those of other Geo party members, he provides massive bonuses to characters like Itto, Zhongli, and Albedo. Gorou is a must-have member for any Geo squad since he can assist your party in ways that no one else can.

C-Tier Character List


Noelle is a Geo Claymore character that is fiercely defensive. Her protection and healing powers make her very handy for early-game players. While her healing skill is limited, it suffices in the absence of a more capable healer.

  1. LISA

The AoE Electro abilities of this librarian are ideal for newcomers. She has a better base attack than the other three beginning characters, possesses an area of effect strikes, and owing to her Catalyst, it’s simple to optimize her Electro damage output. Even yet, after you earn more Wishes, she will be overtaken by others.

  1. KAEYA

Sword-wielder For new Genshin Impact players, Kaeya may fill the position of primary DPS, but he should be replaced as quickly as feasible. Although his ascension numbers offer him a faster energy recovery, Kaeya’s elemental powers aren’t as beneficial as those of other Cryos.


The capacity to shift one’s elemental type is the Traveler’s most valuable attribute. Traveler can assist you if your squad is in desperate need of an Anemo, Geo, or Electro element. The Traveler’s usual sword strikes aren’t extremely powerful, but their ability to switch elements at any time allows them to fit into any squad.


This Catalyst character has a unique shield power that can be utilized to change the battlefield; just lay a gigantic Geo wall anywhere you choose, and invading enemy hordes will be stopped in their tracks. Because the latest 1.3 updates gave Geo characters a much-needed damage increase, there’s a potential that Ningguang may rise in the rankings over time. To discover how to play as this Geo DPS dealer, check out our Genshin Impact Ningguang build.


Beidou is a difficult character to create. Beidou’s elemental powers become potent only after her constellation level reaches four, while most other Claymore characters have a far greater basic damage output. In other words, it might take a long time for Beidou to attain her full potential, when there are simpler and superior options (looking at you, Razor!).

D-Tier Character List

  1. AMBER

Where do I begin? Amber’s elemental ability has a lengthy cooldown, does relatively little damage, and scales with her health. Manually triggering the explosion takes a long time. Her standard attack and elemental burst are both unremarkable. She should only be used for puzzles and exploration.

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