For Honor Tier List – Best Heroes 2024

In this article, we present our definitive For Honor Tier List. To succeed in For Honor, you’ll need practice, talent, and, most crucially, the right characters for the current meta, which is why this For Honor Tier List is so important. In For Honor, there are 29 characters, each with their own attack patterns and skills. Our goal with this list is to rank them in order of total power, so you can figure out which characters will help you win the most.

We also take into account the game’s various modes, as not all characters are suitable for all of them. Brawl, Dominion, and Duel are the most popular modes, therefore we’ll concentrate on these three to keep the list concise.

Let’s get started!

For Honor Tier List (Detailed Guide)

S-Tier List:

On this tier, we’ll locate the game’s most powerful characters. If your opponent does not have someone from this Tier, you will have a significant edge. These characters deal a lot of damage and have a lot of stamina.

  • Kyoshin (Hybrid)
  • Warlord (Heavy)
  • Warmonger (Vanguard)
  • Conqueror (Heavy)
  • Nobushi (Hybrid)
  • Jiang Jun (Heavy)
  • Shinobi (Assassin)

A Tier List:

They may not be at the top of the list, but that is no reason to dismiss them. This Tier’s heroes have a 100% chance of defeating S-Tier heroes. We’ve seen it happen a lot, we’ve done it a lot, and regrettably, it can happen to anyone at any time. 

They may even have an advantage in some specific match-ups. Simply choose a hero from this Tier that you prefer and leave the rest to fate.

  • Hitokiri (Heavy)
  • Shugoki (Heavy)
  • Kensei (Vanguard)
  • Black Prior (Heavy)
  • Shaolin (Hybrid)
  • Nuxia (Assassin)
  • Berserker (Assassin)

B Tier List:

This Tier’s characters aren’t so much lacking in power as they are in good match-ups. Unfortunately, in this game, power isn’t the most significant factor. To dominate the arena, you’ll need a combination of strong attacks, good defense, and the ability to actually land these assaults on your opponent. 

If you choose these heroes, make sure they aren’t assigned to a character who opposes you. For instance, don’t turn Highlander into a Berserker; you’ll be sorry.

  • Jormungandr (Heavy)
  • Highlander (Hybrid)
  • Raider (Vanguard)
  • Gryphon (Hybrid)
  • Zhanhu (Assassin)
  • Shaman (Assassin)

C Tier List:

We’re approaching the stage when you should seriously evaluate whether or not you want to play these characters. Of course, there will be times when a character from this list dominates a character from a higher tier, but the characters from this Tier will lose most of the time. 

Nonetheless, they are ecstatic to be able to play. Orochi is our favorite hero to play, but we can’t put him higher on the list.

  • Orochi (Assassin)
  • Centurion (Hybrid)
  • Peacekeeper (Assassin)
  • Valkyrie (Hybrid)

D Tier List:

The most important thing to remember about the heroes in this tier is that you should love playing them because there aren’t many benefits to doing so. 

In comparison to most other heroes, their attacks deal less damage, and they must land many more hits to win against most opponents. Picking them should be done with extreme caution.

  • Gladiator (Assassin)
  • Warden (Vanguard)
  • Tiandi (Vanguard)

LOL Tier List:

We’ve arrived at the bottom of our list, which is perhaps the most significant section. Because you must deliberately avoid these heroes, you should study it and memorize them. Picking them has almost no advantage. As a result, keep away.

  • Aramusha (Hybrid)
  • Lawbringer (Hybrid)

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