Figure Fantasy Tier List and Reroll Guide 2024

Figure Fantasy is the game for you if you have fantasies about your figure collection coming to life in the middle of the night (a little related to Toy Story, but with waifus instead of toys). With a 3D figure concept, this idle mobile game invites you to go on a voyage through a miniature world that centers around strategic fighting and sharp visual quality.

Of course, there is a gacha aspect to Figure Fantasy in the form of ‘blind boxes, which should be familiar to both mobile gamers and figure collectors, as they are in other games. 

However, beyond just selecting the most attractive figurine to place on your shelf, you must choose your team with a fight in mind – and here is where we come in. Using our Figure Fantasy tier list, you’ll be able to see which characters are the best in each class, increasing your chances of attaining victory in the game.

Isn’t it interesting to think about which figurines in Figure Fantasy are the most impressive? What other players should you consider included on your core team? 

A look at our Figure Fantasy tier list will give you a comprehensive overview of all of the most notable characters available in the game, starting with the best options in the SS tier and ending with the worst options in the D tier, as indicated in the table below.

We’ve put up a tier list to help you figure out which of these characters are worth assembling a team around.

Figure Fantasy Tier List (2023 Updated)

Figure Fantasy Defender

  • S-Tier – Megan, Khrusos, Ayane Okada, Izumi
  • A-Tier – Astaroth, Vasily, Sanada Yukimura, 
  • B-Tier – Ricco, Yuki, Sapphire, Gweneira
  • C-Tier – Daylight Cat, Pineapple Bear

Figure Fantasy Vanguard

  • S-Tier – Yoko Kasumi, Yuina Mizuki, Kizuna Al
  • A-Tier – Alfred, Yamazaki, Zhao Yun, Rin, Date Masamune
  • B-Tier – Yuna, Suzumi, Midori, Mizusaki
  • C-Tier – Midnight Cat, Plain Milk, Chainsaw Bear, Grumpy Bear

Figure Fantasy Militarist

  • S-Tier – Kamille, Zarola, Vazorwyn, Lu Bu, Yolanda, Hinohara Ai
  • A-Tier – Rie, Ryoma Kurata, Kris, Karan, Loris
  • B-Tier – Ophelia, Hiroshi
  • C-Tier – Lemon Tea, Punk Kid

Figure Fantasy Specialist

  • S-Tier – Harriet, Ihrendts Ember, Raphael, Cao Cao, Vivian
  • A-Tier – Irina, Sani, Osuke Okada, Kazue Iwata
  • B-Tier – Akechi Mitsuhide, Evita, 
  • C-Tier – Kaki, Coffee Milk, Mecha Chariot

Figure Fantasy Helper

  • S-Tier – Zephyr, Erikzia, Zhuge Liang
  • A-Tier – Mako, Zhou Yu, Ume Mizuno
  • B-Tier – Aoi, Sakura
  • C-Tier – Naughty Bunny, Mecha Bunny, Hip-Hop Kid

Figure Fantasy team comps

Here are the best Figure Fantasy team comps right now:

  • Free-to-play – Yuki, Kazue Iwata, Ume Mizuno, Karan, Alfred
  • Single-target – Kris, Sapphire, Ume Mizuno, Yuki, Midori
  • Summoner shield – Minakami, Suzumi, Evita, Sapphire, Mizusaki

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