Evertale Tier List – Best Characters 2023

Evertale is a role-playing video game set in a fantasy world that was launched in 2019. You will be placed in a fantasy realm filled with a plethora of creatures. There are more than 180 creatures in the world, and you must fight your way through them all. You may, however, catch certain creatures and incorporate them into your squad. 

You have the option of forming a team of up to eight characters. After you’ve captured the monsters, you’ll need to teach them so that they can battle against the other players. Essentially, this will be a turn-based conflict in which you will be given equal time and chance to defeat your adversary. In this fantastical setting, you’ll also need to track out the weaponry.

After you have defeated your opponent, you will be awarded new equipment and will be promoted to the next level. In the Evertale game’s multiplayer mode, you may engage in battle with your friends or with other players who are located all over the globe. In addition, you may participate in player vs player leagues to receive valuable prizes. 

It is possible to play the Evertale game on a computer as well as on mobile devices. On mobile devices, you may download the Evertale game from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. The game is currently available in English only.

Characters in the Evertale game are divided into five categories, each of which has its own personality.

Endless Rizette and Fornaxos are the two most important heroes in the organizations. Darkness and fire are the elements that they represent. They are the best Evertale tier list, hands down. Altaireon and Elmina are the two most important characters in group A, and they are also the most well-known. The storm is the element associated with Altaireon, whereas Dark is the element associated with Elmina. Both of these are excellent choices.

Evertale Tier List (2023 Updated)

In Tier S

Ludmilla Light
Jeanne d’Arc Light
Endless Rizette Dark
Norza Storm
Fornaxos Fire
Endless Ludmilla Fire

In Tier A

Shirra Earth
Bahamut Earth
Rolotia Earth
Kirin Light
Rizette Light
Elmina Dark
Merdain Dark
Vonn Dark
Cyrus Dark
Kaidaros Water
Alira Water
Altaireon Storm
Shiori Storm
Kisara Fire

In Tier B

Voraxion Earth
Lucius Light
Artemeia Light
Le Fay Dark
Diabolos Dark
Astrid Water
Finn Storm
Maxima Fire
Akatsuki Fire
Druke Fire

In Tier C

Vesh Earth
Alice Light
Nagi Water
Grenzor Water
Imran Storm
Rashanar Fire

In Tier D

Oumei Earth
Rei Water
Yuki Water
Orzachron Storm

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