Can You Play NBA 2k22 on PS4 in 2023?

NBA 2K22 is the most recent addition to the series, and games like this are best appreciated by a group of people you are familiar with and comfortable with playing with. 

Some PlayStation 4 users are interested in finding a means to play with their friends who are using next-generation consoles, such as the Xbox One or Nintendo Switch. NBA 2K22 will be discussed in this section to see whether or not it supports cross-platform play on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 systems.

Cross-platform play is, sadly, not possible in this game, at least not in the traditional sense; nevertheless, there is a solution for this constraint. 

If you or a friend wishes to play NBA 2K22 cross-generation with another person, you must first purchase the Cross-Gen Digital Bundle, which is available for purchase separately. 

The fact that this package includes both versions of the game means that even if you already own both versions (on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5), you will receive both versions when you purchase this combo.

As a result, the strategy detailed above is merely speculative because it is possible to download the PlayStation 4 version of the game and play with your pals on your PlayStation 5. In addition, you will have an improved gaming experience because you will be playing the PS4 version of the game rather than the PS5 version. 

If you own an Xbox Series X|S system, you can also download the Xbox One version of the game and play it on your console instead of your own.

The fact that this game does not support cross-platform play means that players on the PlayStation 4 cannot speak with players on the Xbox One or the PC while engaged in gameplay. It is possible to go through the game in more than one way, which is a nice bonus. It is possible to have cross-progression between distinct console generations that are members of the same family in MyTEAM. In addition to being able to manage their progress on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One gamers will be able to manage their progress on the Xbox Series X|S.

Now, this was all about our guide on how PS4 gamers can interact with their counterparts on the PlayStation 5.

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