Botworld Adventure Tier List 2024

Botworld Adventure is a top-notch, entertaining, and open-world video game. This roleplaying game was developed and published by Featherweight for Android and iOS devices.

The best part about Botworld Adventure is that it features a tier list that helps you to increase your performance based on the characters in the tier. Each character has its own performance, level-up capacity, synergy, etc. 

The endgame for Botworld Adventure will be quite challenging, which is why I recommend you take notes about the best bots mentioned in this tier list so that you can perform well. In short, with the Botworld Adventure tier list players can easily improve their game.

When a new character is added to the game or an update affects how they perform in battle, we will update our Botworld Adventure tier list. It’s rather simple to reroll for the character you want at the start of the game, so we recommend rolling until you obtain one of the S-tier characters mentioned below.

Tier List of the Best Botworld Adventures

The global version of Botworld Adventure is now available on Android and iOS. We have included a Botworld Adventure Tier List in this post to show you the game’s top-tier characters and to assist you in selecting the greatest heroes early on.

Tier List for Botworld Adventure: Overall Best Bot

SS Tier List:

In SS Tier List we have:

  • Icicool
  • Ram
  • Thump

S Tier List:

In S Tier List we have the

  • Dune Bug
  • Mort

A Tier List:

In A Tier List we have:

  • Bigshot
  • Brute 
  • Chomp
  • Hornet
  • Virus

B Tier List:

In B Tier List we have the, 

  • Barrie
  • Berserker
  • Bombee
  • Frok
  • Froggy
  • Frosty
  • Lobbie
  • Nozzle
  • Pupil
  • Rocketeer
  • Yanky

C Tier List:

In the C Tier list, we have, 

  • Beat
  • Bullwark
  • Flamer
  • K.O
  • Longshot
  • Slash
  • Chainer
  • Pluggie
  • Slicer
  • Scatter

So far we have listed almost all of the characters in our Botworld Adventure Tier List. On the contrary, there are a lot of characters mentioned in the game. But we have divided them into a total of five categories, including the SS Tier, S Tier, A Tier, B Tier, and C Tier.

Tier List for Team Competition Bot

Even though the Tier Lists are primarily subjective however they might have some differences depending on how much value and outcomes the above theoretical feasibility. 

With that being said, similar abilities/tendencies are found throughout the Tier Lists in Botworld Adventure which owe to the overall perception of the character’s strength based on their overall performance results.

Abilities Tier List

SS Tier List:

In the SS Tier list, we have:

  • Icewall
  • HyperCharge

S Tier List:

In the S Tier list, we have,

  • Gust
  • Zap Tower
  • Supercharged Chaos Translocator

A Tier List:

In A Tier we have 

  • Vortex *
  • Shield
  • Chaos Translocator
  • Hack
  • Team Translocator
  • Explosive Proximity Translocator

B Tier List:

In B Tier we have the 

  • Super Charge
  • Freeze
  • Barrier Wall
  • Ball Lightning
  • Hyperdrain

In C Tier:

In C Tier we have the,

  • Immobilize
  • Frost Missile
  • Speed Boost
  • Charge Field
  • Proximity Translocator
  • Lightning Rod
  • Knockback
  • Frost
  • Tower
  • Charge Bolt
  • Firewall *
  • Poison Trail *
  • Immobilize Field *
  • Poison Tower
  • Unstable Plasma
  • Poison Missile

D Tier List: 

In the D Tier, we have

  • Missile
  • Hasty Ground
  • Energy Bolt
  • Poison Bolt
  • Knockback Bolt
  • Goop
  • Chilling Ground
  • Snowball
  • Corrode

F Tier List:

In the F Tier list, we have,

  • Hack Missile
  • Scare Tower

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