How To Fix Black Ops Cold War Xbox Series X Crash Issue

We all know that Call of Duty: Cold War is a popular game with a huge fan following. However, recently there are a lot of people who have been complaining that Call of Duty: Cold War crashing on some platforms. For instance, a recent issue has been reported on Xbox Series X.

Call of Duty: Cold War needs to be fixed. Many people are reporting that COD Cold War does not start on their Xbox Series X consoles, which is not uncommon. When players attempt to begin the game, they are met with a blank screen for a few seconds before being sent to the Main Menu.

Following the update, all of the other games are running flawlessly. However, the Xbox series x will not be launched until after the end of the cold war. In fact, several players have complained about the system shutting down as they attempt to start the game.

There are several known issues with Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, which you may check for across all platforms.

I notice a lot of various solutions being proposed by different people, but most of them are crash issues. Users are quite dissatisfied with the slowness with which Xbox customer service responds.

In this post, I will provide a practical solution to the problem of the Cold War not launching on the Xbox Series X.

How to Resolve the Call of Duty Cold War Issue The Xbox series X / S?

I’ve lately discovered several methods that have shown to be effective for a large number of consumers. The directions for resolving the problem of the cold war not operating on the Xbox series X|S should be properly followed.

  1. To begin with, Restart your Xbox Console.
  2. Launch the Cold War simulation.
  3. Press the Home button on your controller and wait for it to activate or open as your game loads or when the black screen is being moved about.
  4. At long last, your game will begin to function.

Another option is to reinstall the COD Cold War game once it has been removed from the console. There are occasions when some files do not function properly. As a result, you’ll get an error message or a black screen of death.

The most recent revision (29th June)

The Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War game is still receiving negative feedback.

There have been several crashes, freezes, and disconnections. Nonetheless, Microsoft has confirmed that the problem has been rectified.

Cold War Servers Issue

Because of the server downtime, many people are unable to participate in Black Ops Cold War. They are presently examining the situation, and it may take some time before they can resolve it. 

Please continue to follow our progress. We will update this article if and when any new information from the Cold War becomes available.

The users have reported the same problem on various platforms, including the Xbox series and the PlayStation 4.

Final Thoughts

I hope you are able to resolve the issue on Xbox Series X using this guide.

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