8 Best Sword Enchantments In Minecraft

Minecraft is an amazing game, where you fight monsters, construct the world around you, and make stuff out of resources. Furthermore, this sandbox game allows you to enchant objects. The best sword enchantments in Minecraft, for example, are guaranteed mob killers and even allow you to earn enchanted weapons.

The situation is analogous to the finest axe enchantments in Minecraft, where customizing the game’s signature tool provides a slew of advantages. Crossbow enchantments are the same way, while the latter is still a work in progress and a relatively new addition. The gist of it is that enchanting your blade is a must if you want to make life simpler in the harsh world of Minecraft.

As a result, this post will list the greatest enchantments for a sword in Minecraft so you may spruce up your weapon and say goodbye to taking it easy on your enemies. In the end, we’ll go through some frequently asked questions, so stay around for some important information.

For the time being, let’s take a deep dive into this tutorial.

Enchantments for Swords in Minecraft

It’s worth mentioning how the enchanting system works in Minecraft’s vast universe. Enchants are bonuses that can be applied to axes, crossbows, bows, swords, armor, and other equipment, to put it simply. Each enchantment operates in a unique way.

For example, the crossbow’s “Piercing” enchantment penetrates the adversary and harms those who come before it. When compared to the “Multishot” enchantment, which allows you to fire three arrows at once instead of just one, this is rather unusual.

However, enchanting requires the construction of an Enchantment Table. To enchant materials in the game, you’ll need a particular material called Lapis Lazuli. The amount of this component required will vary depending on the enchantment and the item you’re attempting to enchant. Finally, you’ll require Experience Levels. Meddling in Minecraft, defeating opponents, crafting, mining, and smelting all earn you experience points.

However, you must surround the Enchantment Table with “Bookshelves” to improve your Experience Level. Your Experience Level is determined by the number of bookshelves you have.

In the background of the following shot, you can see a dozen bookcases arranged around the Enchantment Table.

As a result, before you may use the strongest sword enchantments in the game, you must first complete the prerequisites. We’re quite sure you’ve already nailed all of that, so without further ado, let’s get straight into the guide.

A word of caution: the Minecraft Infinity Enchantment only works with the bow, not the sword or axe.

  1. Sharpness – Best for Melee Damage Overall

For many, killing NPCs with a sword is a piece of cake, but when you’re up against human opponents, you’ll need a competitive advantage. In Minecraft, a standard Netherite blade deals 8 basic damage. This means that enemy mobs will take three hits before collapsing. Sharpness is the route to go if you want to increase your base melee damage. It’s just one of the best sword enchantments in Minecraft for dispatching anyone in your way quickly.

As previously stated, applying enchantments necessitates the use of Experience Levels. The level of your enchantment is determined by this property. The Sharpness enchantment has a maximum level of 5. Your melee damage increases by a factor of 0.5 with each level. With the Sharpness enchantment equipped, you can increase the base damage to a maximum of 11. A weapon imbued with the buff in question finishes enemies in two strikes, as opposed to the two registered hits of a typical Netherite sword in the game.

In multiplayer scenarios, this can likely deal with you the cards you need to win. If you combine it with the other enchantments on this list, you’ll have a well-balanced blade in your armory that won’t let you down anytime soon.

  1. Unbreakable – Best for Longevity

Weapons, armor, tools, and other objects in Minecraft do not last indefinitely. Each entity in the game that can be used by the player has a specific level of durability. If you use such a thing for an extended period of time, it will undoubtedly break. It’s a good thing that most items in the game can be repaired, even Diamond swords, which are top-tier. Netherite swords, on the other hand, are a step up from the latter, but they aren’t very renewable. They’re useful for mining melons, cobwebs, pumpkins, and other blocks, but you still have to be careful with how much you use them.

This is where the Unbreaking enchantment comes in, accomplishing exactly what it says on the tin. Its end purpose is similar to that of the Mending perk, which has also earned a space on this page, but there is one major distinction that distinguishes the two. Killing enemies and mining farms will earn you experience points, which are more commonly known as XP points in the game. Your acquired experience points will not be used by the Unbreaking enchant to boost your weapon’s durability.

Rather, it will lower the likelihood of your sword’s durability deteriorating. That is how Unbreaking will contribute to a definitive Minecraft experience. This enchantment has a maximum level of III. If you have the greatest level of Unbreaking, you will have a 70% chance of not having your durability reduced. As a result, this perk is one of the best Minecraft sword enchantments for preserving your beloved weapons day after day.

• As a side aside, the Minecraft Launchers can assist you in discovering additional ways to launch the game.

  1. Sweeping Edge For Sweep Attacks.

Minecraft can become quite large. There are many various ways to enjoy this block-based IP and play the game. In other news, it’s because of this that it’s the most successful video game franchise ever. The point we’re trying to convey is that you’ll need all the support you can get when you’re out and about in a hardcore map brimming with villains. That’s where Sweeping Edge comes in—a seemingly simple perk that boosts your sword’s sweep damage.

This may not seem appealing to players at first, but the advantage that this enchantment provides is not to be overlooked. You’re stuck inside a map on hard difficulty in Hardcore Mode, and if you die, the game is finished. There’s no place for respawns here, and you only receive one shot, as experienced players would know. Due to its wide range of effects, Sweeping Edge quickly distinguishes itself as one of the best Minecraft sword enchantments.

If you find yourself surrounded by Creepers, the Sweeping Edge enchantment will make it easy to slash them away. For example, if a regular Netherite blade without an enchants requires 4-5 sweeps to kill a row of three opponents, the Sweeping Edge perk will only require 2-3 strikes. 

It’s a no-brainer to put this enchantment at the top of the list for crushing whatever you’re up against in Minecraft. Finally, the Sweeping Edge enchantment is currently restricted to the Java Edition of Minecraft, so make sure you have the requisite Experience Levels in order to get the best effects. There are plans for the benefit to be added to the Bedrock Edition as well, but that will have to wait for the future.

  1. Knockback to Drive Enemies Away

Knockback is a situation-specific enchantment with the potential to be incredibly effective when applied correctly. While playing Minecraft, you can find yourself in a situation where you don’t want to come too close to enemy creatures. 

Use the Knockback enchant to create significant distance between you and the enemy when you don’t want to pick a battle and want to avoid physical disputes. This perk isn’t the most extravagant of the bunch, but as we noted earlier, it can be useful in certain circumstances.

Knockback can reach a maximum rating of II. The first level moves the opponent 3 blocks away from you, while the second and maximum level separates the two parties by 6 blocks. 

Furthermore, the enchant’s impact is further boosted when you attack while sprinting to give you more knockback distance. You can actually use this enchantment to slap away armor stands if you’re playing Minecraft: Java Edition. However, the same cannot be stated for the game’s Bedrock edition.

The rest of the scene runs like a clock. Using the Anvil or the Enchantment Table, you can enchant your blade with the Knockback enchantment. Playing Survival Mode with your pals for the sheer joy of it and swearing not to engage in violence? The greatest Minecraft sword enchantment for the job is knockback.

  1. Elemental Damage – Fire Aspect is the best.

Fire Aspect is another excellent sword enchantment in Minecraft that turns the tables on your opponents. Aside from the damage boost, which we’ll address shortly, another lesser-known benefit of inflicting strikes while wearing the Fire Aspect perk is the disorientation it causes for those who are hit. 

The opposing player’s screen goes up in flames, generating confusion and leaving them unorganized and at your mercy. This is obviously designed for Player vs Player (PvP) circumstances, so keep that in mind.

Minecraft, as 3D-rendered and digitally created as it is, may actually become quite realistic if we concentrate on certain features (pardon the pun). In Survival Mode, we’re talking about consuming food to stave off hunger and hunger saturation points. 

Going about with this vital creature will do you no good in the game, so you should be cautious moving ahead. The good news is that the Fire Aspect forces any mob that normally drops raw meat to drop cooked flesh.

Eating raw meat can give your character food illness, which is something you don’t want to happen in or out of Minecraft. 

The Fire Aspect enchantment eliminates the need to prepare your fallen food because it does so magically. Finally, this perk’s maximum level is II. The first level burns any enemy mob for four seconds, while the second level burns for eight seconds. As a result, the damage caused varies between 3 and 7 depending on the enchantment’s level.

Elemental damage is always a valuable trait to have in any multiplayer game, so there’s no need to pass up one of Minecraft’s best sword enchantments.

  1. Looting – Best Way to Get More Drops

Gathering the best stuff and creating your character with the most specced-out hoard is the goal in Minecraft. You mine, scavenge, and craft in order to obtain greater treasure and increase your appearance, feel, and performance. 

The Looting enchantment appears to be a strong supporter of the latter assertion. If you’re looking for the best items in the game, this is a buff to keep an eye out for.

It is well known that there are three sorts of drops in the game: common, uncommon, and rare. When you kill creatures without Looting on your blade, you have a 50% chance of obtaining loot. 

The loot could be rare or common. When you have this perk enabled, though, you may drastically change the odds in your favor and force the game to give you more regular and uncommon drops.

This enchantment has a maximum level of III. When compared to a regular Netherite sword, this means that uncommon drops have a 34% chance of appearing. 

The enchantment works by increasing the number of times a drop attempts to occur. Let us explain why that sounds strange.

When you kill a mob, you have a 50% chance of getting loot. If the pre calculations show that you won’t, the Looting enchantment will try again to get a drop of the killed adversary. There’s still a risk you won’t obtain any drops, but having two chances is far better than having one.

  1. Smite – Best for Undead Mobs

Minecraft’s universe is alive with both living and non-living creatures. The inclusion of zombie monsters in the game adds variety and enjoyment to the experience. If you’re fighting a horde of zombies or skeletons in the game, you’d better have Smite on your blade to give yourself the best chance of winning. That is, this is one of the best enchantments for dealing with non-living critters in Minecraft.

Consider going for a walk on a hardcore map of the game on a beautiful sunny afternoon. Everything is fun and games until you come face to face with a horde of wither skeletons. You can either escape the battlefield or hold your ground and draw your Smite-encrusted blade. You can bet that there’ll only be one conceivable ending from here on out, and it won’t be the death of your character. Other notable adversaries that can be enchanted include:

  • Zombies 
  • Zombie Villagers
  • Withers 
  • Zombie Piglins 
  • Zombie Horses 
  • Strays
  • Drowned 
  • Skeleton Horses 
  • Phantoms 
  • Husks 
  • Zoglins

Smite’s only major drawback is that it cannot be utilized in conjunction with the aforementioned Sharpness enchantment. Yielding swords with a variety of effective enchantments is a frequent (and prudent) activity. 

Sharpness is usually the enchantment of choice for making swords balanced and high-damage-dealing in equal proportion. If your main purpose is to deal with the undead, though, it’s preferable if you come prepared with the powerful Smite enchantment.

This enchant’s highest possible level is V. You can deal an extra 2.5 damage to opposing monsters at each level. As a result, if you had a Netherite blade with 8 basic damage, Smite V will allow you to inflict 20.5 damage with ease. This is an evident advantage that can make all the difference in removing the zombies from your perspective.

  1. Arthropod Bane – Ideal for Insect Mobs

The traditional definition of “Bane” is something that kills people, specifically poison. To be the bane of arthropods, you have to do something spectacular to enrage your foes, and luckily, this epic Smite enchantment is accomplishing just that. Arthropods, on the other hand, consist of insects, spiders, centipedes, and even scorpions. As a result, when you combine the two names, the goal of this charm becomes clear, doesn’t it?

When confronted with frightening critters in your usual Overworld biomes, you’ll need all the support you can get to dispatch any eight-legged foe quickly. 

In scenarios like this, it’s evident what Bane of Arthropods is up to in Minecraft’s best sword enchantments. Enemies such as spiders, cave spiders, endermites, and silverfish are easily defeated when you have this perk under your sleeve. Just remember to retain the enchantment in your possession for optimum results.

The Bane of Arthropods can reach a maximum level of V. The attack damage rises by a factor of 2.5 with each level. If you have a Netherite sword and have upgraded your enchantment to the maximum level, you will be causing a minimum of 20.5 damage each hit. 

As an added bonus, the enchant applies Slowness to your opponent, which slows down their movement speed. The duration of the effect is determined by the Bane of Arthropods’ level.

Simply put, Slowness is an extra benefit that few other enchantments currently provide. For the best chances versus opposing mobs, you’ll absolutely need this enchant when exploring caverns and beehives.

  1. Using XP for Mending – Best for Durability

In the Unbreaking part, we discussed how guns, tools, and armors aren’t always at your disposal. They’ll wear out over time if you use them frequently, so keep the durability of your helpful things in mind. 

Fortunately, some of the best Minecraft sword enchantments can assist us in accomplishing this goal without breaking a sweat. What’s left after we’ve informed you about Unbreaking? Enter Mending. Another clever charm with a distinct functioning mechanism from its contemporaries.

Unlike Unbreaking, Mending works by recharging your sword’s durability by using your earned experience points. One experience point of an experience orb is the cost for every two durability points. It makes no difference where you acquired your experience. 

The Mending enchantment will maintain the best blade in Minecraft ready for action, whether it was from slaying enemies, mining farms, or making goods.

Curse of Vanishing is the best way to avoid loot.

The final item on this list will be nothing short of a shock and awe. The Curse of Vanishing enchantment is a well-known bonus, but few people realize how valuable this little champion can be. It’s not your typical damage-increasing enchant that you can use to run around murdering enemies. It’s something more suited to Player vs Player (PvP) battles, allowing you to win even when you’re defeated. Didn’t get what I was saying? Allow me to explain.

The Curse of Vanishing’s main goal is to stop your loot from disappearing when you’re slain by an opposing player in multiplayer mode. Anyone who is even remotely interested will not spare the drips you leave on the ground. As a result, if you’ve already decided to march into battle, use this enchantment first to ensure there’s no room for sharing. There’s no reason why your hard-earned loot should be used up by a competitor player, so why not dispose of it and walk away without a worry in the world?

The Curse of Vanishing has a maximum level of I, thus you won’t be improving it. You can receive it by trade if you have the Java Edition of the game. Other Minecraft versions, on the other hand, will only allow you to obtain the enchantment through chest loot and fishing. In single-player mode, don’t bother using the enchant on severe difficulty. Because you can’t revive once you die, having the Curse of Vanishing perk equipped is pointless.

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