Tears of Themis Codes (December 2023)

Tears of Themis is a free-to-play game featuring Otomo adventure. This game was developed and published by miHoYo. This simulation game and adventure game is quite amazing and is available for Android and iOS platforms. 

In order to earn rewards in Tears of Themis, players have to spend real money to unlock various items in the game. However, there is another way to unlock the in-game currency as well as other exciting rewards. This can be done by using the gift codes of Tears of Themis. By redeeming the codes within a specific time limit players can collect rewards.

So, let’s get started.

Tears of Themis Codes – December List

Following is a list of Tears of Themis codes that you can use to get stellin, oracle of justice, energy, friendship badge, and other resources, etc.

  • 7APAZ82QPHEP—Redeem for 500 Hearts and 1 Tear (New)
  • CB6AZ8287YWT—Redeem for 30 S-Chips, and 10k Stellin (New)
  • RTMILESTONES—Redeem for 300 S-Chips, and 40k Stellin (New)
  • YARED4S—Redeem for 60 S-Chips and 10k Stellin
  • BSPAGQ2829WX—Redeem for 40 S-Chips and 30k Stellin
  • RSNBGR38KRDP—Redeem for S-Chips and Stellin
  • HAPPYTHANKSGIVING—Redeem for 60 S-Chips, 10k Stellin, and 1 Energy Drink Basic Pack
  • TS6SZ822HLNF—Redeem for 40 S-Chips, 10k Stellin, and 10 Oracle of Justice III
  • YSNSG8J3YL53—Redeem for 40 S-Chips and 1 Energy Drink Family Pack
  • XBNBGRK2YL57—Redeem for 40 S-Chips and 20 Oracle of Justice III
  • AA7SG92KHL7T—Redeem for 40 S-Chips and 20,000 Stellin

Expired List

Now that you have the list of working codes for Tears of Themis, here are some expired ones. While researching the working codes we found out that most of the resources have added expired ones. So, take a look at these to save time.

  • SB6BY8Y7U4D3
  • 9A6AHQYKQ3S7
  • 8B6TH9ZJQ3VB

How To Redeem Code?

  1. Open Tears of Themis Official website.
  2. Then click on the Redeem Code option located at menu bar.
  3. Log in using your Tears of Themis account.
  4. Then Select Game, Character name, and enter one of the above codes that we provided above in the blank box.
  5. Click on the ‘Redeem’ button and you will be rewarded in-game resources immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q- Are Tears of Themis available for free?

Ans. Yes, Tears of Themis is a free Otome Adventure game that is developed and published by miHoYo. The initial release for this game was in June 2020. Even though this game is completely free, you will still need real money to make in-app purchases.

Q- Where can I play Tears of Themis?

Ans. You can play this game on your Android or iOS device. Plus, for other devices such as Windows and Mac, you can use an android emulator to play Tears of Themis.

Q- How do you get AP in Tears of Themis?

Ans. You can get 60 AP ten times in a day by paying 20 S-chips. With more events in the game, you will get more missions. And upon completing the missions you will get AP.

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