Soul Knight Codes: May 2023 [UPDATED]

Soul Knight is a Gun and Run Shooter game developed by ChillyRoom. It is an offline fun-to-play game, which means that you don’t need an active internet connection to stream levels into the device while playing along. Although there are many unlockable rewards that need an internet connection.

It has many fun levels to play along with. Since it is a retro-style fun game. It is available on Nintendo Switch, Android, and IOS platforms. It was released back in 2017 originally for Nintendo Switch.

If you are looking to get some free gems, Ironstone, Timber, etc in Soul Knight then keep on reading this post till the end. In this article, we are going to discuss some working soul knight codes that can be used to redeem various in-game items and exclusive things.

So, let’s get started.

Soul Knight Codes – May List

Following is a list of some working soul knight gift codes that you can use to get gems, free trial vouchers, Ironstone x3, Timber, other resources, etc.

  • 100000 – 500 gems 
  • 2THANIV – 1,000 gems 
  • BIGMOUTH – titum arum, fertiliser, and 500 gems 
  • BYETIGER – 777 gems 
  • DRUID – 999 gems 
  • DUOSHOU – 500 gems 
  • FLOWERS – five heptacolor viola 
  • GARDEN – oak tree, ironwood, gear flower, and trumpet flower 
  • IROBOT – five parts, five battery, and 515 gems 
  • JINKELA – three fertiliser 
  • MIAO – 555 gems 
  • NEWHALL – 999 gems 
  • QDKYS – 577 gems 
  • SKBACK – 999 gems 
  • SKGIFT – 500 gems 
  • SKNIGHT – 488 gems 
  • SUPER5 – 555 gems and three free trial vouchers 
  • TDY8E – 888 gems 
  • TDY8ET – gems 
  • WEAPONS – vine, green onions, and carrot 
  • WIERD – iron stone, timber, and 888 gems 
  • WISH – 500 gems, one heptachlor viola, and one fertilizer

Expired List

Now that you have the list of working codes for soul knight, here are some expired ones. While researching the working codes we found out that most of the resources have added the expired ones. So, take a look at these to save time.

  • 18NTDRO
  • 18NTD
  • GDX6KK

How To Redeem Code?

If you don’t know how to use these codes in soul knight then don’t worry we are here to help. Follow the step-by-step guide mentioned below to use the redeem codes.

  • Open the game and click on the ‘Settings’ icon which is located in the bottom left side of the game screen.
  • A pop-up will open, click on the ‘Gift code input’ button.
  • Enter the code then click on the () button, then you will get your rewards immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I redeem codes offline?

You need an internet connection to redeem the code. Because it needs online validation for checking the availability of the codes.

Can you finish the game with a single code?

The codes are meant to make gameplay fun not spoiling. There is no code that will finish all the levels of the game, you are still supposed to play all the levels while getting the advantages from codes.

What kind of benefits does Soul Knight code give?

Soul Knight code offers unlockable items, gems, seeds, stones and much more.

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