Shortest Answer Wins Codes (March 2024)

Basically, Shortest Answer Wins is a game wherein players have to answer as many questions as possible with the shortest answers. It is a parody of the famous game, Longest Answer Wins. Unlike Longest Answer Wins, Shortest Answer Wins uses a new direction. Hence, it is more challenging.

The game is free to play. However, there are some codes that allow you to have a significant advantage. These codes can be used to gain special blocks, Troll potions, and more. The codes will expire after a certain period. Hence, it is important to check if the code is still valid.

You can find Shortest Answer Wins codes on the Roblox official page, the game’s Discord server and the official Shortest Answer Wins Discord channel. You can also ask questions in the Discord channel and the game’s developers will respond.

Roblox has a variety of games, and it is also a platform where people can create their own games for other users. Some of these games include the popular Roblox Shortest Answer Wins.

Roblox Shortest Answer Wins codes are used to get rewards in the game. Some codes can be redeemed for Bucks and Tiles. In addition, some codes can be used to get a special hero’s style.

Some codes are case sensitive. Hence, it is important to make sure that you don’t make a mistake while typing the code. Moreover, you should also avoid typos. Some codes give Troll potions that can be used to defeat rivals. You can also stock up on these potions from the shop.

However, with the Shortest Answer Wins codes, you can get all those extra items for free. You see, the game developers release different working codes that can be utilized to get free items. So if you are looking for working codes in Shortest Answer Wins then keep on reading this post till the end.

Shortest Answer Wins Codes – March List

First of all, we have the working list for Shortest Answer Wins codes. After going through a lot of resources we found the valid codes for your use. With these, you can get bucks, rainbow skin, dragon scales tile, and other rewards.

  • 5000Likes—Redeem for the Dragon Scales Tile (New)
  • 2000Likes—Redeem for the Cobblestone Tile (New)
  • 1000Likes—Redeem for 1,000 Bucks.
  • 500Likes—Earn the Albert tile.
  • 200Likes—Redeem for the Rainbow skin.
  • 50Likes—Earn 750 Bucks.
  • Release—Earn 500 Bucks.

Expired List

After the working list, we have also prepared the list of expired codes in Shortest Answer Wins. With this list, you can avoid using these expired codes in the game, hence saving you time. So, let’s take a look at the expired codes:

  • No expired codes at the moment.

How to Redeem Codes?

By redeeming the codes, you can get amazing rewards. Using codes is not a problem as you can do this easily and quickly if you follow these steps:

  • Launch the game, click on the Twitter icon on the left side of your screen.
  • A new window will appear, enter the code in the required area.
  • Click the Redeem button to get in-game rewards.

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