Roblox Pop It Trading Codes (September 2023)

In Roblox Pop It Trading, you have to collect a large number of various items. You then stand on a trading board and trade with other people. The higher the value of your article is, the more people want to trade with you, and the higher you will go on the leaderboard. Collect new items every Friday and collect every item that other players in the game want.

It also includes a code redemption feature that allows you to redeem in-game items for free without paying anything. You can get different things such as gems, cat items, baby items, etc with the Roblox Pop It Trading codes.

Roblox Pop It Trading Codes – September List

First of all, let’s take a look at the working codes. With these codes, you will be able to redeem different items such as gems, cat items, baby items, and other exclusives as well. Let’s take a look at what we have.

  • whonewit?—Redeem for a VHS Tape (New)
  • b5nb5n—Redeem for 1x Alien
  • stoked—Redeem for 1x Stack of Surfboards
  • categg—Redeem for 1x Hello Kitty Doll
  • doilookpretty—Redeem for 1x Makeup
  • pingu—Redeem for 1x Window Frame
  • miaminights—Redeem for 1x Mystery Item
  • letsgetweird—Redeem for 1x Toy
  • heartburn—Redeem for 1x Valentine’s Present
  • ewww—Redeem for 1x Valentine’s Present
  • holasoyd0ra—Redeem for 1x Cake
  • b4nb4n—Redeem for 1x Alien
  • itsalive!—Redeem for 1x Baby Animal
  • metacarpus—Redeem for 1x Zombie Hand
  • kawa11—Redeem for 1x Toy
  • meoooow—Redeem for 1x Toy Cat
  • m3rry—Redeem for 1x Penguin
  • thursday—Redeem for an Umbrella
  • candy—Redeem for a Candy item
  • fifi—Redeem for a Soccer Ball item
  • yodome—Redeem for a Baby Yoda item
  • youspinme—Redeem for a Spinny Hat item
  • aredsword—Redeem for a Red Sword item
  • daegg—Redeem for an Egg item
  • halloweenie—Redeem for a Halloween item
  • callmemaybe—Redeem for an Antique Phone
  • popit1year—Redeem for a Cake Item
  • knocknock—Redeem for a Wardrobe item
  • whaaaaaa—Redeem for a Baby item
  • pepto—Redeem for a Pink Sauce item
  • lasagna—Redeem for a Guinea Pig item
  • m0dn4r—Redeem for a Guinea Pig item
  • ******—Redeem for an Alein item
  • throne—Redeem for a toilet item
  • 1337—Redeem for a Filming item
  • fotito—Redeem for a Camera item
  • juego—Redeem for a Controller item
  • pineapple—Redeem for a Pineapple item
  • portal—Redeem for a Portal item
  • farmer—Redeem for a Seed item
  • 90sec—Redeem for an item
  • code—Redeem for a Bot item
  • upupup—Redeem for an item
  • baila—Redeem for a Tix Tox item
  • gub—Redeem for a Bug item
  • cute—Redeem for a Baby Long Legs item
  • naughtyornice—Redeem for a new item
  • trippy—Redeem for a new item
  • noclip—Redeem for a transport monster to take you to The Backrooms game
  • kitty—Redeem for a Cat item
  • popit!—Redeem for a Free Pop It
  • stuffi—Redeem for a FNAF Stuffed Animal
  • armor?—Redeem for a Watermelon
  • sugar—Redeem for a Lollipop
  • cupid—Redeem for a Valentine’s Day Item
  • no—Redeem for the Slendy Note
  • tako—Redeem for Slippy Octopus
  • 鞭炮—Redeem for Firecrackers
  • Tony—Redeem for a Tiger
  • Loot—Redeem for a Loot Box
  • buff—Redeem for a barbell that earns you money when you lift it
  • 2022—Redeem for a Sparkler
  • ice—Redeem for a Gem
  • chance—Redeem for a Six Sided Dice
  • juaniday2021—Redeem for a Holiday 2021 item
  • sus—Redeem for an Among Us item
  • quidditch—Redeem for a Fire Extinguisher
  • spooky21—Redeem for a random Spooky item
  • crystal—Redeem for a random Crystal item
  • eeek—Redeem for a random Creepy item
  • squid—Redeem for a Square Guy
  • gummy—Redeem for a Gummy Bear

Expired List

Some of the sources on the internet are providing false information by mentioning expired codes as working ones. This wastes the time of users as well as frustrates them.

  • No expired codes at the moment.

How to Redeem Codes?

If you don’t know how to redeem codes in Roblox Pop It Trading then follow the step-by-step guide. I have mentioned below to get free rewards.

  • Launch the game, and move your character to the white square on the floor that says “YouTube Codes”.
  • A new window will appear with a text box that says “Code”. Enter the code in the required area.
  • Click on the “Go” button to get in-game rewards.

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