Project Slayers Codes (February 2024)

Are you searching for free rewards for the Project Slayers Roblox game? Congrats! You have reached the correct place. Here, we will provide the step-by-step process on how to redeem those Project Slayers Codes on your Roblox account.

For those who may not know, the game is inspired by a pretty popular Shounen anime known as Demon Slayer. Like the animated series and manga, the gameplay is able to captivate the players in the world of demons and hashira.

Here, you can play as slayers or even as demons without any trouble. While like many games, you might find it formidable to level up since you won’t earn free spins during the beginning. But, you can overturn those flaws via the Project Slayer gift coupons.

Project Slayers Codes – February List

These codes for the Project Slayers can provide you with a broad range of things from boosters to additional clan spins options. Moreover, the following working code list will provide additional features to reset the player’s race and breathing technique.

  • No active codes at the moment.

There’s no doubt that I have enjoyed playing this game with the unique experience of the Demon Slayer world. But, I hope a few more recommend similar to the game. For example, the Anime Merge Simulator and World of Stands, which is based on Jojo Bizzare’s adventure anime series.

Project Slayers Coupons (Expired) List

In this section, you will find all of the expired codes for the Project Slayers game. Be sure to not use them since they won’t produce any results.

  • NewYear2024Spins
  • NewYear2024Breathing
  • NewYear2024Race
  • obishowcase
  • stone_breathing_spins
  • stone_breathing_race_reset
  • stone_breathing_breathing_reset
  • ThanksFor400MVisits
  • ThanksFor650KVotes
  • Update309ArtSpins –
  • Update309RaceReset
  • Update309BreathingReset
  • 3AsTeRRaceReset
  • H@pPy3AsTeR
  • ThanksFor200MilVisitsBreathingReset
  • Roblox@ItAgain
  • ProjectShutdown
  • ProjectShutdownRace
  • Roblox@ItAgainRaceReset
  • Roblox@ItAgainBreathingReset
  • New500kLikesCode!
  • New500kLikesCode!
  • ThanksFor200milVisitsRaceReset!
  • ProjectShutdownBreathing
  • ThanksFor500kVotes
  • Miniupdate1.5
  • SorryForIssuesToday
  • SorryForDataIssues
  • Update1.5Spins
  • Update1.5BreathReset
  • Update1.5RaceReset
  • NewAntiExploit
  • Upd295MiniCode
  • !ThanksFor250MVisits
  • !500kLikeCode!
  • ThanksFor350MVisits
  • ThanksFor350MVisits2
  • ThanksForLikes600K
  • ThanksForLikes600K2
  • Thx4300MNOuwohanaIsBack
  • Thx4300MNOuwohanaIsBackBreathReset
  • Thx4300MNOuwohanaIsBackRaceReset
  • ThanksFor200milVisitsRaceReset!
  • ThanksFor200milVisitsRace
  • HappyNewYears!
  • 2023BreathingReset
  • HappyUpdateYears!
  • MerryChristmas2022
  • MerryChristmas2022RaceReset
  • MerryChristmas2022BreathingReset
  • Upd@ate1B1gCodE
  • IncreasedDropsBreathReset
  • IncreasedDropRaceReset
  • 400Klikes
  • 400Klikesracreset
  • 400Klikesbreathingreset
  • Miniupdate3
  • MiniUpdate3racereset
  • Miniupdate3breathingreset
  • 350Kupvotes!
  • 350Kupvotes!Breathing
  • lastcode?lol
  • anotherdayanothershutdown
  • 300klikes!
  • shutdownnumb2
  • shutdown!
  • miniupdate
  • miniupdatedaily
  • soryagainguys:V
  • 200K+upvotestysm
  • sorryforanothershutdown
  • 100K+likesiglol
  • werebackup
  • Gettingthere!
  • Sorryforshutdowns!

How to Redeem Project Slayers Codes on Roblox?

Now that you have aware of the working and expired codes, allow us to introduce you the redemption code process for the Project Slayers Roblox game. In the next part, you will obtain the complete instructions to redeem those codes without any hassle.

  • First of all, you have to open the Project Slayers game on the Roblox app.
  • Press the Play button to enter the game, and then wait for a moment.
  • When the home screen appears, you have to press M Key to open a tiny menu.
  • Click on the Book icon that appears on the main screen.
  • Following this, a new pop-up screen will appear in front of you.
  • At the bottom of the pop-up screen, click on the empty white code box.
  • Now, you have to type code from the above working list precisely.

If you want to fetch more codes for the Roblox Project Slayers, simply join the official Project Slayers group so that you can connect with other players, get more tips, and even share your experience in the meantime.

Final Thoughts:

The Roblox Slayers Codes will provide satisfying results if you want to reset your race, or want to change the breathing fighting style, while if you come across issues during the code redeeming process, do let us know.

In general, you might have used expired codes or entered the wrong spelling. In both cases, these codes won’t work, so use the accurate and valid coupon codes supplied from the above list. Meanwhile, ensure to visit our homepage for more Roblox game codes.

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