Onikami Legacy Codes (July 2024)

I have been looking for new Onikami Legacy codes for weeks since my game progress has been hampered by powerful demon attacks. If you encounter the exact trouble as me, then worry not! You will find the new code information.

Through them, you can easily race reset your class, reroll talents, and other necessary items. Moreover, you don’t have to spend money on Family Rerolls with those freebie rewards. So, let’s see the complete procedure to redeem them.

Working Onikami Legacy Codes

You must be craving for those freebies, right? Let’s not wait any further and dive into the following section to redeem the working codes with ease.

  • !GetPinkSword: Use for a Nichirin Color Reroll
  • !AdoptMe: Use for a Family Reroll
  • !CorteNovo: Use for a Hair Color Reroll
  • !1500LIKES: Use for a Family Reroll
  • !1600LIKES: Use for a Family Reroll
  • !PoopSword: Use for a Nichirin Color Reroll
  • !NewRaceNewHistory: Use for a Race Reset
  • !Kornao: Use for a Horn Reroll (Demons only)

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Expired Onikami Legacy Codes

In this portion, you will find those inactive coupons of Onikami Legacy, which you need to avoid. Here’s a list of those deactivated codes as follows:

  • !SorryForTheShutdown
  • !NewFaceReality
  • !500Likes
  • !100KVisits
  • !Thanks
  • !GetMurata
  • !RaceReset3
  • !OutMySight
  • !250KVISITS
  • !Drippy2
  • !RaceReset
  • !LikeTheGame
  • !Drippy3
  • !NichirinColor2
  • !1200LIKES
  • !ThanksAgain
  • !Korninho
  • !NewLifeNewColors
  • !280KVISITS
  • !FaceReroll
  • !RaceReset4
  • !HornAppearance2
  • !NichirinColor3
  • !FamilyNew
  • !SwordsmithGift
  • !Shifre
  • !SufferUpdate
  • !NichirinColor
  • !1KLIKES
  • !SkinColor
  • !HairColor
  • !SkinColor2
  • !Drippy
  • !200KVISITS
  • !HairColor2
  • !FaceRerollFix2
  • !StyleReset
  • !SorryForTheShutdown3
  • !Money
  • !HornDemon
  • !Smurf
  • !170Kvisits
  • !NotRacist
  • !700Likes
  • !600Likes
  • !OneEyed
  • !FaceRerollFix
  • !Korno
  • !HornAppearance
  • !RaceReset2
  • !SorryForTheShutdown2
  • !NiceEyes
  • !ResetStyle

How to Redeem Onikami Legacy Codes?

Now that you understand the working and expired code list, it’s time to check out the step-by-step guide to redeem those remarkable Onikami Legacy coupons. That said, let’s dive into the following section.

  • First of all, run the Onikami Legacy on the Roblox platform.
  • Now, click on the chat icon from the top-left corner.
Onikami Legacy Codes
  • Afterward, type the working code in the chat box.
Onikami Legacy Codes
  • Finally, press Enter to claim rerolls, reset, and other rewards.

What are other ways to earn rewards?

The redeemable coupons are a great way to receive free a variety of resets, rerolls, & other important resources to upgrade the playable character. However, if you want to earn in-game money, you should finish the quest as soon as possible.

The players can also collect trinkets and sell them to merchants, or start fishing mini-game. You can also follow the discord link to find awesome rewards.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you have any doubt regarding the codes, you can read the frequently asked question section. It will provide an accurate solution for your problem and aid in resolving other issues. Therefore, let’s check out the next part!

Q- What is Onikami Legacy?

Ans. The game is heavily inspired by the Demon Slayer manga and anime where you become either a demon or a demon slayer. Depending on the selected role, you will be fighting monsters in different locations.

You can purchase a katana sword, collect rewards by defeating demons, take quests, participate in missions, and explore a wide range of fighting abilities. It’s important to improve abilities and upgrade weapons using the in-game coins.

Q- How do you get more Onikami Legacy Codes?

Ans. Finding the latest coupons for the Onikami Legacy won’t be tough if you begin by following the Onikami Discord server or the official Redevil Studio Roblox group. Both of them will grant the latest changes information and other special updates.

Although, you might have to track those social links daily. On the other hand, you can frequently visit this page to never miss any working code details. For more, we would suggest you bookmark to save your precious time.

Q- Why aren’t my Onikami Legacy Coupons?

Ans. When you are typing the working code in the chat box, there’s a slim chance of a typo mistake. Due to this, you might not be able to earn those free goodies. Hopefully, you can smoothly resolve this issue by copying the active code and pasting it into the chat box.

If the above method doesn’t work, you should consider checking whether the code is expired or not since Roblox coupons have a limited lifespan. So, you should use the working codes only!

Final Thoughts:

Being a Demon Slayer fan, this Roblox adventure didn’t disappoint especially, when it comes to the action-packed fighting simulation. You have to guard innocents from the wrath of demons. Choose your blade and challenge those monsters.

There’s no denying that you will struggle a bit during the initial stage, we also covered the active coupon so that you can increase talent, skills, & other elements without any worries. In the meantime, feel free to share your thoughts below.

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