Mirage Perfect Skyline Codes (May 2023)

Mirage Perfect Skyline is a newly published MMORPG game that features a gods and demons-based theme. Within the theme, the game developers have introduced a variety of well-designed team events. In this game you will be given a choice, whether you can become a god or a demon, the choice will be in your hands. After your decision, you have to deal with the consequences of the game.

If you are looking for working codes then keep on reading this post till the end. However, with the Mirage Perfect Skyline codes, you can get all those extra items for free gems, gold, jade, outfit, pets, mounts, sycees, etc.

Mirage Perfect Skyline Codes – May List

In the following section, we have mentioned a list of working codes. Let’s take a look at them.

  • Mirage1 – 20 Pri. God Psyche, two Brutal Might, two Vitality’s Mightx, 500 Sycees
  • Iamthebest99 – 200 Sycees, ten Pri Enhance Gem
  • Mirage2 – 20 Mount Advance Orb, two Black Kylin Spirit, two Nether Tiger Spirit, 500 Sycees
  • MIRAGEFB – 200 Sycees, ten Pri Enhance Gem
  • Hello2022 – 500k Gold, 100 B. Jade, 500 Sycees
  • Perfect – 20 Pri. Armament Essence, two Haunt Bead, two Bloodlust Bead, 500 Sycees
  • Skyline – 20 Pri. Sword Spirit Essence, two Auric Sword Spirit, two Redlight Sword Spirit, 500 Sycees
  • Discordxmirage – 100 B. Jade, ten Pri. Wings Essence
  • MIRAGE10000 – 500 B. Jade, five Dragon Key, 200 Sycees, 100k Gold
  • MIRAGE30000 – Pet Egg, six Dragon Key, 500 Sycees, 150k Gold
  • MIRAGE50000 – KF94 3ply Facemask, eight Dragon Key, 1,000 Sycees, 200k Gold
  • Hathatday – 20 Pri. Armament Essence, 20 Haunt Bead, two Bloodlust Bead, 200 Sycees
  • JOINMPS – 20 Pri. Wings Essence, 200 B. Jade, 300 Sycees
  • MIRAGEPS22 – 1000 Sycess, 20 Pri. Pet Biscuit
  • MIRAGE456 – 500k Gold, 1,000 Sycees, 10 Dragon Key
  • MIRAGE666 – 100 B. Jade, ten Pri. Wings Essence
  • MIRAGE1314 – 20 Pri. God Psyche, three Brutal Might, three Vitality’s Might, 500 Sycees
  • MIRAGE2021 – two Black Kylin Spirit, 15 Mount Advance Orb
  • MIRAGE100000 – Nurturing Talent Outfit and Weapons, nine Dragon Key, 2000 Sycees, 500k Gold
  • MIRAGE3000 – one million Gold, 2000 Sycees, ten Pri. Enhance Gem, ten Mount Advance Orb
  • MIRAGE80000 – School Bike, eight Dragon Key, 1500 Sycees, 300k Gold

Expired List

Some of the sources on the internet are providing false information by mentioning expired codes as working ones. This wastes the time of users as well as frustrates them. 

  • Dunsmoke
  • WeLuvEarth
  • CatRespect
  • Puzzletime
  • Hugmyluv
  • Greatfriday
  • Weworktoday
  • 1stquarter
  • EyouCat
  • Familyday
  • iloveyou
  • MIRAGE10000
  • MIRAGE30000
  • MIRAGE50000
  • MIRAGE80000
  • MIRAGE100000

How to Redeem Codes?

Follow the guide below to redeem rewards in Mirage Perfect Skyline.

  • Launch the game, and click on the “Settings” icon on the right side of your screen.
  • A new window will appear, tap on the “Redeem” button.
  • Enter one of the code from our above list in the “Tap here to enter Redeem Code” section.
  • Click the “Claim Reward” button to get in-game rewards.

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