Idle GOG Codes: June 2023 [UPDATED]

Do you want to increase low level heroes’ stats faster? Get Idle GOG codes are required. It will help players to redeem exclusive rewards, items, diamonds, and in-game valuables while making the gaming session pretty simple for gamers.

In this post we will cover the working gift codes of the Idle GOG game, which can later be exchanged for gold coins, diamonds, summon gacha, and additional items access. In case you might not know about this game, we would recommend you read the following section.

About Idle GOG game

It’s a 3D card game where you can explore the world of magic. The gameplay is pretty easy and the gamers can apply according to their different playing option. Plus, It’s not as boring as standard RPG games because you’ll have a variety of gaming options.

You can summon various heroes and fight enemies that lurk in the darkness and the gamers are not limited to the standard storyline, you can explore the whole magical continent and become the savior of this world. Moreover, train and summon elite characters for boss battles.

On top of that, you will obtain auto battle perks that allow you to get multiple rewards and a free bonus. In case, you want to know some gameplay tips and techniques, we suggest visiting the official forum to get clear answers for various things.

Latest Idle GOG Codes – June List

There’s no doubt getting elite heroes and others in game will eventually become tough after processing the storyline to a certain extent. Yet, the players can use free rewards codes to obtain exclusive perks free of cost. So, hurry up, and get workings gift codes from the following section.

Here is the list of valid reward codes for the IDLE GOG game:

  • 8667FEBZU0 —Redeem this code for diamonds
  • 867GEWBZT0 —Redeem this code for diamonds
  • 846PTEBYU0 —Redeem this code for diamonds
  • IDLEGOG1122 —Redeem this code for diamonds
  • IDLEGOG1199 —Redeem this code for diamonds
  • IDLEGOG1133 —Redeem this code for diamonds

Keep in mind that these free rewards will function for a certain period. We would recommend you stay updated to receive freebies for better gaming sessions.

Expired Code list

As we have mentioned before, there are various gift codes that can be found on the internet. But be aware of the expired codes because they might not work and you will waste your time. Avoid using the subsequent list.

  • 759NEBIYN0
  • 845VBEBYY0
  • 758WSEBYX0
  • 757DEHBYI0
  • 808LE2BYT0
  • 7554PEBY90
  • 748ACEBYE0
  • 703Z7EBXS0
  • 7041DEBXX0
  • 660QQEBWL0
  • 659UMEBWD0
  • 631UJEBVH0
  • 633UEBV4Q0
  • 6139EBV2B0

How to Redeem Idle GOG codes?

The process of accessing those redeemable codes is easier. But make sure to add the correct special characters, letters, and numbers as it is from the code list. Here are the complete steps to redeem those gift coupons.

  • First, you have to launch the game from the app drawer.
  • Now, select the Bonus button from the left corner of the game screen.
  • With that, a new pop screen will appear, click on “Activate Code”
  • Correctly add the codes in the “Type your Pack Code” section.
  • Press on the “Claim Now” button to receive those in-game rewards.

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There’s no doubt that the Idle GOG codes are quite helpful when you want to increase your playable character level faster, while it also provides a wide range of times free of cost. With them, enhance the overall gaming session and clear boss level easily.

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