Fortnite Escape Room Codes (June 2023)

If you have played Fortnite, then you must know that the game features some incredible escape rooms having different sorts of difficulty levels. Fortnite Escape Rooms are a kind of mini-game that can be accessed via the Fortnite Creative Mode. You have to find clues, solve puzzles, etc to escape the room that you are trapped in. If you want to calculate XP in Fortnite then use our Fortnite XP Calculator which is easy and free.

Fortnite Escape Room Codes
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However, with the Fortnite redeem codes, you can definitely get an upper hand. In this article, we have mentioned a list of Fortnite Escape Room codes that will help you throughout your Escape Room gameplay.

So, let’s get started.

Fortnite Escape Room Codes – June List

Following is a list of some working codes that you can use right now.

  • Huge IQ Escape Room – 5196-4085-4720
  • The Hospital Escape Room – 6595-8752-4901
  • Co-op Duo Puzzle Escape Challenge – 1264-1483-9792
  • 50 Ways Out – 5562-0386-0559
  • Escape The Vampires – 9323-9190-5007
  • The Yacht Escape Room – 2385-3342-5568
  • Impossible Escape Room – 4481-4367-0516
  • The Haunted Castle – 0014-3242-3372
  • Winterfest Escape – 2512-0233-1209
  • First Person Visual Escape – 1211-9143-2539
  • Hauntophobia – 6621-4642-3997

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Play Impossible Escape Alone?

You can enjoy playing the Impossible Escape in a squad and alone as well. But when playing alone you will still need to pair up with other players. So, technically it can only be played in a squad.

What is the code for Escape Game – The Last Maze in Fortnite?

Try using the code 7807-0098-3064 in The Last Maze of Escape Game. In this mode, the players have to take the role of Maze Runner in order to escape.

What is the code for 100 Rooms in Fortnite Escape Room?

In this mode, you will find 100 unique rooms that can be played by a total of 16 players. For this mode, try using the code 6126-3353-7805.

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