Fortnite Easy Deathrun Codes (September 2023)

Easy Deathrun is another mini-game featured in Fortnite that features a lot of creative maps in which you have to run for your life while jumping through obstacles and different types of traps. This game is filled with a lot of surprises and while running if you hit a trap or an obstacle you will get yourself killed.

With each level or map, you have to face different hard challenges that may stop you from completing your level.

According to most of the players, Fortnite Easy Deathrun isn’t an easy game and it takes a lot of time to get through a map. However, by using the codes for Easy Deathrun you can access different maps and some of them are quite easy to complete.

In this article, you will find a list of some valid Fortnite Easy Deathrun codes. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Fortnite Easy Deathrun Codes – September List

Below is a list of some working codes in Fortnite. Take a look at these and redeem them before they get expired.

  • The Sketchy Deathrun Map Code: 2156-4139-5516
  • 350 Level Easy Deathrun Map Code: 2438-4461-8063
  • 301+ Level Easy Deathrun Map Code: 2405-7886-6741
  • 300+ Levels Easy Deathrun Map Code: 5499-1570-8180
  • Only Up I Color Pop Map Code: 3990-1495-2817
  • Train Rush Map Code: 7015-6882-8448
  • 200 Level Easy Deathrun Map Code: 7553-1530-7428
  • The Totally Easy Deathrun Map Code: 1024-9435-4193
  • 150+ Easy Deathrun Map Code: 8356-6557-8903
  • 80 Levels Easy Deathrun Map Code: 9364-2973-3058
  • 100 Level Easy Deathrun Map Code: 6025-4641-9480
  • 30-Level Easy Deathrun Map Code: 5819-1243-9491
  • Easy Deathrun Nostalgic Map Code: 6422-5007-2905
  • 101 Level Easy Deathrun Map Code: 5088-7611-5194
  • 400+ Level Fun Easy Deathrun Map Code: 0805-9472-2140
  • 25 Level Easy Deathrun – Green Color Map Code: 9952-6933-5857
  • +150 Fire Easy Deathrun Map Code: 8421-9373-7528
  • 60 Level Easy Deathrun – Birra Map Code: 1620-1376-7190
  • 50 Level Easy Deathrun – Purple and Yellow Map Code: 7917-9455-3718
  • Arrows Landing Parkour Map Code: 8128-0472-4115
  • Easy’run 100 Levels Map Code: 2676-9693-0070
  • Easy Deathrun 10 Levels Dirtbike Map Code: 3402-2432-1021
  • +150 Level Easy Deathrun Map Code: 5572-7624-0715
  • 200 Level Easy Deathrun Map Code: 0785-1940-5428
  • DF Deathrun Map Code: 0572-9669-1922
  • DF Deathrun Map Code: 4408-0908-3987
  • 100 Level Easy Parkour Map Code: 4807-9925-7290
  • Glass Bridge Map Code: 1890-3900-1823
  • 180+ Levels Deathrun Easy and Funny Map Code: 6754-0507-7947
  • 350+ Levels Deathrun Easy Map Code: 1387-7831-4752
  • 350+ Parkour Fun Run Map Code: 1387-7831-4752
  • 300+ Level Easy Deathrun Map Code: 2447-4493-5934
  • 80 Level Default Deathrun Map Code: 4706-1344-5954
  • 120 Level Default Deathrun Map Code: 1236-8657-4920
  • Fall Guys Default Deathrun Map Code: 4064-4388-1056

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the easiest death run?

Below is a list of some Easy Deathrun codes that are really easy to accomplish:

  • Spherical Default Deathrun: 9872-6210-0983
  • Escape your Nightmare: 3226-5801-0514
  • Most Easiest Deathrun: 1297-8902-8351

What is the code for the troll Deathrun?

Use 9102-9338-4435 for Troll Deathrun.

What is a Deathrun?

Deathrun includes creative mode maps that are specifically designed to kill the player while he runs through the Deathrun.

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