Epic Pirate Adventure Codes (December 2023)

Are you in search of working Epic Pirate Adventure Codes? Yes, it’s possible to level up faster and additional free rewards through the following guide. With this post, you will obtain information about those promo codes without any further ado.

This game has pretty good elements that the players can interact with, while you will find yourself in the world of pirates. In this world, you are not limited to following the story, you can create your journey. Let’s know about this game in the subsequent part.

About the game

The Epic Pirate Adventure is a new way to discover the gameplay of the classic pirate adventure game. You are on the journey to overthrow the sea with strong crewmates, while at the same time, you can do various things inside the game.

The core highlight of this RGP game would be the simple battle matter where your tactics will bring victory, while there are more than hundreds of playable characters that you can play with. Moreover, gamers can purchase special equipment.

Yet the most interesting part of playing this game. You will face a wide range of boss monsters to obtain precious gift items immediately. Furthermore, the game got several farming areas where you can level up faster. However, if you want some freebie times, then you should consider checking out the following promo codes.

Working Epic Pirate Adventure Codes – December List

The Epic Adventure of Pirates is a new strategy game where you can summon various teammates and fight battles in global PVP matches. Besides this, there is a load of ways to level up your characters, while there are options to enjoy the free cost. You can check out the working codes in the following section.

  • NEWPLAYER—Redeem for 100x Diamonds, 12 Hours Belly Chest, 12 Hours Hero EXP Chsst, 50x Great Pirate Shards, 5x Gallon of Beer, 5x Premium Beer (New)
  • GROUP1K—Redeem for 200x Diamonds, 3x 5 Hours Belly Chests, 3x 5 Hours Hero EXP Chest, 5x Premium Beers (New)
  • GROUP2K—Redeem for 500x Diamonds, 5x 8 Hours Belly Chests, 5x 8 Hours Hero EXP Chest, 5x Gallons of Beer (New)
  • GROUP3K—Redeem for 1,000x Diamonds, 10x Premium Beer, 10x Gallons of Beer, 1,000x Hero Promotion Stones (New)
  • FREESUMMON—Redeem for 5x Normal Beer, 3x Gallons of Beer, 3x Premium Beer, 100x Hero Promotion Stones (New)
  • FREE5STAR—Redeem for Bepo, Sanji – S, 100x Diamonds, 5 Hours Belly Chest, 5 Hours Hero EXP Chest, 5x Arena Tickets (New)
  • HAPPYWOMENDAY—Redeem for 200x Diamonds, 5x 2 Hours Belly Chest, 5x 2 Hours Hero EXP Chest, 300x Hero Promotion Stones, 5x Chips, 5x Premium Beer (New)
  • 2Y7LVPK3HQEUG—Redeem for 100x Diamonds, 2x 2 Hours Belly Chests, 2x 2 Hours Hero EXP Chests, 5x Arena Tickets, 2x Premium Beer (New)
  • P7EZOROM96HGSU—Redeem for 1,000x Diamonds, 10x Chips, 10x Super Chips, 20x Arena Tickets (New)
  • 4LUFFY831K92G—Redeem for 500 Diamonds, 5x 8 Hours Belly Chests, 5x Hero EXP Chests, 5x Gallons of Beer (New)
  • RMTJ6S1NAMIPFQH—Redeem for 200x Diamonds, 3x 5 Hours Belly Chests, 3x Hero EXP Chests, 5x Premium Beer (New)

Keep in mind that the above-mentioned codes will be expired soon, so bookmark this page to receive updates regarding those coupons. On the other hand, players can also redeem codes in games like Idle GOG Codes and so on.

Expired Codes List

There are some codes that might not work since they already crossed the expiry limit. Here’s the complete list of the codes that the players need to avoid so that they can focus on the valid promo codes without any problem.


How to redeem those codes?

If you don’t know about the Epic Pirate codes redemption process, then you could follow the subsequent path to receive those freebies with ease.

  • First of all, you have to open the Epic Pirate Adventure game.
  • Following this, click on the “Event” button that appears on the lobby page.
  • Select the “Cool Events” option and scroll down (the left menu)
  • Inside the left menu, you have to click on the “Exchange Gifts”
  • Add the codes in the empty space and press the “Redeem” Button.
  • Once the process ends, you can effortlessly collect those in-game items.

Final Thoughts:

With this article, you will get a full guide on how to redeem the epic pirate adventure coupons in easy steps. Choose the working codes and start enjoying those freebies without spending real money on the in-game items. If you have any queries do let us know in the comment ASAP.

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