Disgaea RPG Codes (September 2023)

Disgaea is a spin-off Game from the Disgaea series. Currently, this game is available for iOS and Android devices. The Disgaea RPG was developed and published by Nippon Ichi Software, released back in 2019. Even though it was released a few years back, the game is quite popular.

Just like other games out there, the developers of Disgaea RPG have included some redeem codes. With these codes, you can get different things such as gold bars, gate keys, potions, summon tickets, prism hides, nether quartz, and other in-game items as well.

So if you are looking for Disgaea RPG serial codes then you have come to the right place. In this article, we have added a list of working codes. So, let’s get started.

Disgaea RPG Codes – September List

First of all, let’s take a look at the working Disgaea RPG codes

  • drpg3511—Use code and get rewards
  • drpg8261—Use code and get rewards
  • drpg5470—Use code and get rewards
  • drpg0986—Use code and get rewards
  • drpg6780—Use code and get rewards
  • drpg3901—Use code and get rewards
  • drpg1232—Use code and get rewards
  • drpg9490—Use code and get rewards
  • drpg2405—Use code and get rewards
  • drpg1499—Use code and get rewards

Expired List

In the following section, we have mentioned the expired list. Take a look at these codes to refrain yourself from trying these out.

  • iGVGSDjSnh
  • cADXzXTf3u
  • DrpgxOreimova
  • princexdrpg
  • DukxxDRPG
  • DRPGxakatsuki
  • MystxDRPG
  • NagatoxDRPG
  • DerkerxDRPG
  • uXjaSQSNnj
  • cADXzXTf3u
  • nuWJYU26xH
  • 3eTT9NnrKQ
  • Merryxmas
  • thanksdood
  • DRPGxKabukiXL
  • DRPGxDfree
  • overlordxhayzink
  • Speedyxdrpg
  • DrpgxOreimova
  • princexdrpg
  • DukxxDRPG
  • DRPGxakatsuki
  • NdukaubaxDRPG
  • DerkerxDRPG
  • MystxDRPG
  • 57VGZ9TZCS
  • HayzinkxDRPG
  • NagatoxDRPG
  • 2WMfn6iire
  • uXjaSQSNnj
  • TjCpumgycz
  • Dan3TQCrJ4
  • AvZtaDUgXM
  • FqDtaASrZY
  • VNWHwkdqYC
  • P9jUfkUYZ3
  • 9iuMmXAfWc
  • 9sXpPqp6wd
  • disgaeaxOreimova
  • ZEcqxQaKMZ
  • 7UKAHnNqy
  • rTTssRKgzP
  • 66MyQZ3XAF
  • SnhRaP9yvf
  • DUvyEmvjxv
  • EZPwT9Xhzg
  • dp9GVSSnXG
  • j5zysMKvvv
  • tCv5SAAskW
  • 5uf6dyc6gh
  • nfefnysyy5
  • 5EJsQKgW7K
  • Yn2TndJ67T
  • W3krwYuV5k
  • F7WtNXK65H
  • DUpJ4KJFc3
  • skfcqWyKif
  • DPqwFy7zsh
  • 5m6wu59c2h
  • 2DwNnGkUX3
  • PFtTWnrT2X
  • H6Th3gmSJU
  • Hwfhj7drky
  • j3i2emGm7i
  • Z6fu4Kkcu9
  • kQhSPVFzAQ
  • VWZ3gXpHAP
  • vACU7QaT73
  • wM7ZGmMVhK
  • gAeQxKGmdj
  • tYpxXw7Swr
  • JtYRJrnQgf
  • pgAZ4N26Qx
  • TuAStMiaeZ
  • 96rtqkh7qa
  • 7QGQrMwQaC
  • 73rss7mw9i
  • Rrr9ezgwks
  • wcpvqmgkt3
  • EP7d5ZGrZ2
  • RR5nGuVaFi
  • h3WQ5FT9Kw
  • gYKa4jrEqf
  • nuWJYU26xH
  • e7Ef24eVfC
  • K7uU7d6zkQ
  • KsYyRtAUfe
  • rKXwJ7qRWk
  • Dkskdyexfr
  • ED4mzsd4Z7
  • JVwQ2rXGAD
  • CKWwiEVtX9
  • pE3q2Hrden

How to Redeem Serial Codes in Disgaea RPG?

 Follow the detailed guide mentioned below to redeem codes in Disgaea RPG:

  • Open the game and click on the Menu button located on the top-left corner.
  • After that, click on the Others tab.
  • Enter the working codes (mentioned above) in the Serial Codes section.
  • Click on the confirm button to collect your rewards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q- Where can I play Disgaea RPG Codes?

Ans. Currently, this game is available for Android and iOS platforms. Although, you can play it on your PC by using an emulator, preferably BlueStacks.

Q- How to get more codes for Disgaea RPG?

Ans. To get more codes in Disgaea RPG, follow the game’s official social handles such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and Discord as well. Usually, the developers release new codes for the game on different occasions for instance festivals, special events, and different milestones achieved by the game. Also keep on visiting this page as we’ll quickly update it as soon as we get new codes by the developers.

Q- Is Disgaea RPG in English?

Ans. Yes, the English version of Disgaea was released on April 13, 2021. You can surely get it and start playing.

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