Celestial Ascension Codes (July 2024)

Do you like Chinese manhuas and cultivation novels? Yes, then you should give it a try to the Celestial Ascension. Like most chi cultivation games, you have to mediate and reach a new realm of power.

Start your journey to become immortal by collecting Qi energy & ascending to the new stages. Although, you will grow stronger slowly but steadily. Still, don’t miss out on the chances to learn heavenly skills and enjoy the PVP matches.

At the same time, you must boost the spiritual root, which demands a lot of in-game resources. Thankfully, we listed the Celestial Ascension codes in the following section.

Working Celestial Ascension Codes

Inside the Celestial Ascension, you have to buy spins to roll out innate talent, unique skills, and other important resources. Hopefully, you don’t have to worry about those things since we covered the active codes below.

  • sowwy4delay: Use for Leafs and Spins (New)
  • UPDATE 49!: Use for Leafs and Spins (New)
  • WE COOKING: Use for 35 Spins (New)
  • 1MVISITS: Use for Spins and Leafs (New)
  • EventSword: Use for 10 Spins (New)
  • Katana: Use for free rewards
  • UPDATEUPDATEUPDATE: Use for Spins and Leafs
  • PandaPanda: Use for free rewards

On the other hand, if you are interested in fast-paced fighting Roblox games, you can try out the Anime Fighting Simulator Codes, Onikami Legacy Codes, and others. They will provide an immersive experience with several in-game freebies.

Expired Celestial Ascension Codes

The game creators often reveal new coupons and deactivate some of them from time to time. Normally, players don’t know about the expired codes. However, you can gain complete information about those inactive gift codes from the subsequent list.

  • B1gUpdate
  • BigUpdatePart2
  • Mimo
  • Maj0rBUGFixes
  • LuckyDay
  • OMG
  • FreeLeaf
  • Trap
  • UpdateWeapon
  • ExpansionUpgrades!!!

In the meantime, if you find invalid codes in the working list section, report them in the expired codes in the comment section.

How to Redeem Celestial Ascension Codes?

The process of redeeming the Roblox Celestial Ascension coupons is pretty short, you can follow the given instructions and gain free spin without any hassle. Thus, let’s dive into the subsequent tutorial.

  • Launch the Celestial Ascension on the Roblox platform.
  • Then, press the Setting button from the left-hand side.
Celestial Ascension Codes
  • Type the working coupon in the “Enter Code Here” text box.
Celestial Ascension Codes
  • Finally, press Enter to redeem the free spin prizes.

What are other ways to earn rewards?

There’s no denying that you will receive a wide range of free resources if you are using the active Celestial Ascension codes. But it doesn’t mean the fun ends there since you can explore other options such as redeeming daily rewards.

Through them, you will obtain spirit jade, a useful material for growing the cultivating speed. Apart from this, you also battle other Daoists and collect necessary resources by completing different quests. Besides, you can explore the Discord server to receive special giveaways and other goodies.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In this portion, you will find common queries about the Celestial Ascension game and a troubleshooting guide for the redeemable coupons.

Q- What is Celestial Ascension?

Ans. It’s a Roblox Cultivation experience inspired by Chinese Xianxia genre novels and manhua. The players start their cultivation journey to reach the cosmic plains. You can choose race, accumulate QI, and break through different cultivation realms eventually reaching immortality.

However, you must meditate, relentlessly train and engage in PVP battles to collect important items. Shape your path with hardware and training.

Q- How do you get more codes in Celestial Ascension?

Ans. You delve deeper into tracking the latest Celestial Ascension coupon through the official Discord server or the Roblox group. Both places will give precise details about the upcoming updates, giveaways, and code info.

Moreover, we check those social links every day, so you can also bookmark this page to obtain the available codes. To stay tuned, frequently visit this article.

Q- Why aren’t my Celestial Ascension Codes working?

Ans. You can’t redeem the expired codes as the developers have already taken down those freebies. Anyway, you should always investigate the working code before it’s too late to redeem those rewards.

Aside from this, codes are often case-sensitive and long, which leads to typo errors. You can overcome this manual labor by copying and pasting the code in the redeem section. It’s far better than wasting your time facing invalid code message.

Final Thoughts:

Being a Xianxia genre fan, the Celestial Ascension is a decent gateway to the fantasy land. There are mystical beings, omnipotent gods, and otherworldly realms waiting for you. So, choose your race and Qi cultivation method to ascent to immortal land.

If you are just getting started with this game, consider using the working codes to roll out strong Qi cultivation and races to make the ascension process smoother.

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