Anime Crossover Defense Codes (July 2024)

In the last few years, I have played countless Roblox tower defense games. However, the Anime Crossover Defense stands out from the rest of the options because of cool maps and a wide range of anime-inspired playable characters.

But like many other Roblox games, it’s difficult to summon mythical-grade characters. I want to summon Naruto and Goku for a while but soon run out of gems.

Hopefully, you don’t have to worry about gems, crystal helix, and other items like me. You will find the Anime Cross defense Codes with a complete guide to redeem below.

Working Anime Crossover Defense Codes

Here, you will find the full list of active anime crossover defense codes:

  • BlamSpot: Use for x300 Gems and x5 Crystal Helix (New)
  • ZerozKingner: Use for x300 Gems and x5 Crystal Helix (New)
  • RaidUpd: Use for 200 Crystal Helixes and Raid Keys (New)
  • Console: Use for 1000 Gems and 30 Crystal Helices 
  • Bean: Use for 400 Gems
  • MiniUpdate: Use for Gems and Crystal Helix
  • 100kmembers: Use for Gems and Crystal Helix
  • 1mvisits: Use for x1k Gems
  • StarCodeVanilla: Use for x400 Gems and x5 Crystal Helix
  • Release: Use for x1k Gems and x90 Star Shards 
  • Fish: Use for x200 Gems, x90 Star Shards, and x5 Crystal Helix, x1 Cupcake, x1 Legendary Rift Orb, x1 Ramen, and x2 Sushi Rolls
  • sebbyastian: Use for x100 Gems and x5 Crystal Helix 
  • Mozking: Use for x300 Gems and x5 Crystal Helix
  • KingLuffy: Use for x300 Gems and x5 Crystal Helix 
  • VALK: Use for x300 Gems and x5 Crystal Helix 
  • 10k: Use for x300 Gems and x5 Crystal Helix
  • 15k: Use for x300 Gems and x5 Crystal Helix

Apart from the active codes, if you are interested in other tower defense game codes, Ultimate Tower Defense Codes and Anime Defenders Codes could be worthy options to kill time. Both of them provide an exciting experience to the Roblox players.

Expired Anime Crossover Defense Codes

In this section, you will receive complete details about the expired codes:

  • MoreDiamonds
  • Shinies
  • TwitterDiamonds

How to Redeem Anime Crossover Defense Codes?

To redeem the newest codes, you can follow the subsequent guide & receive freebies inside Anime Crossover defense. So, let’s check out the necessary steps:

  • First of all, open the Anime Crossover Defense on the Roblox platform.
  • Walk near the Code NPC (Naurto) inside the lobby to start the process.
Anime Crossover Defense Codes
  • Afterward, enter the active codes in the “Click to enter Code” section.
Anime Crossover Defense Codes
  • Finally, press the “Redeem Code” button to attain impressive rewards.

You can use the trait reroll tokens such as Crystal Helix by visiting the laboratory area. It will be on the top-left part of the lobby from the usual spawn point. Then, walk into the Trait zone, select the reward, and hit the reroll button.

What are the other ways to earn rewards?

There are plenty of ways to earn in-game currencies, whether through completing the missions or defending the bases. But crystal helix will be required to upgrade the base and takedown strong enemies.

In that case, you should click on the Quest icon and finish the pending mission to gain relevant rewards. You can also click on the Present icon from the bottom left to obtain two free crystal helices, which can be used to reroll after reaching level 3.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here’s a quick glance over the frequently asked questions and troubleshooting guide that can help you redeem the codes without any hassle. If the subsequent part didn’t cover your query, head toward the comments and share them.

Q- Do the Anime Crossover Defense coupons really work?

Ans. Absolutely, the Anime Crossover Defense bonus coupons work, you can redeem them using the above guide. However, the expiration date of each code can differ, so it’s suggested to redeem the active one right away.

Q- How to redeem more codes in Anime Crossover Defense?

Ans. As usual, the Roblox players can join the official Fish Bean Studio Roblox group, Twitter, and Discord server to track the latest coupons without any worries. Yes, it’s a time consuming task, but you will receive the correct codes.

Anyway, you can bookmark this page to save your time, and let us handle the rest.

Q- Why aren’t my Anime Crossover coupons working?

Ans. There are two reasons why the game isn’t accepting your code. Yet, you can fix the incorrect code issue by entering the right code spelling. But, there’s nothing that would change with expired ones so redeem all codes before they become outdated.

Final Thoughts:

Build your perfect anime companions teams and challenge the powerful enemies with the Anime Crossover defense. Let’s fun will begin by entering the story portal. You can build a team, fight waves, and explore the world.

At the same time, feel free to utilize the active coupon codes to earn free rewards like gems, crystal Helix, Sushi Rolls, Ramen, rift orb, cupcakes, star shards, & other items. In the meantime, if you have queries, share them in the comment section.

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